Musings of Random Thoughts
Musings of Random Thoughts

Musings of Random Thoughts

This is a general purpose blog, call it a utility blog, for posts that don't fit in with my other topics. You never know what you're going to get here!

Your first NFT collection

1 Oct 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Bwvolleyball

The world of crypto can be intimidating and down-right expensive, especially if you ever get it wrong. Are you a crypto enthusiast or budding artist who wants to try your hand at NFTs?  If you do, then you should check out the new OpenSea offering t...

Purchasing SafeMoon via SafemoonMark's SafeMoon Swapper

10 Aug 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Bwvolleyball

EDIT: With the release of the mobile wallets for both Android and iOS, I actually strongly encourage you to disregard this smart contract in favor of their Safemoon Swap functionality, built into the wallet.  They are largely the same in functionali...

Withdrawing My Pennies from Publish0x

15 May 2021 3 minute read 7 comments Bwvolleyball

Now, for those who are coming across my work for the first time, I am a small scale blogger here on Publish0x.  I mainly write technical tutorial articles, where my goal is teaching really complicated, niché things. Now, this translates to a small nu...

Safemoon - Day 10 Update - Current APY of 26%

13 May 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Bwvolleyball

It's been 10 days and a few hours since I've purchased a new upstart to the crypto world - SafeMoon (Their official site is here). This update is a quick calculation on the current APY gains for the reflection mechanism built into the protocol.  For...

Dogecoin on Gemini - Sailing to New Heights

5 May 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Bwvolleyball

And so it appears Dogecoin continues to move full steam ahead.  There's a lot going on that a fan of this Shiba Inu themed alt-coin would be excited about. I've noticed an explosion of new exchanges listing this coin of late, including some small pla...


2 May 2021 3 minute read 4 comments Bwvolleyball

Since I know SAFEMOON has recently been a trending topic, I figured it would be worthwhile to describe how I was able to get into this coin without paying exorbitant fees. In fact, my fees beyond the 10% SAFEMOON transaction fees were less than $5. B...

Day Trading Cryptocurrency

11 Apr 2021 6 minute read 1 comment Bwvolleyball

Day Trading Cryptocurrency is all about the math behind the numbers. It's all about picking the right technical indicators and sticking to them.  Do your research ahead of time, pick your indicators, then emotionlessly follow the numbers! Welcome t...

How Publish0x is Helping Me Fulfill My Goals

28 Mar 2021 2 minute read 0 comments Bwvolleyball

Thank you to the Publish0x community, and especially my followers - this post is for you! Many times over the course of my career, I've wanted to start blogging about all the cool things in tech I do every day, but I've never been able to stay moti...

When is the Best Time to use Publish0x?

16 Mar 2021 2 minute read 4 comments Bwvolleyball

Welcome to the first installment of 'Musings of Random Thoughts'! This blog will take a slightly different twist.  I can't guarantee any sort of structure to these posts, and they won't be a part of a series.  Rather, if something interesting comes t...