If You Are holding XRP, You Should Also Consider These 2 Crypto Projects

If You Are holding XRP, You Should Also Consider These 2 Crypto Projects

By Ravir3z | MuchoGraph | 9 Jul 2019

Almost every trader I know would highly recommend XRP as an investment now. But the thing is, most people are already investing in Ripple or already have a lot of XRP tokens. Let’s look at two more tokens that are popular but different from XR{, and that would also make a good investment for investors who like XRP. 

We know that Ripple’s major selling point is that it offers banks a fast and cheap way to make international transfers. It’s aiming at a particular segment of the financial industry and so far everyone is loving it, like McDonald’s. 

I think in the cross-border transfer space, Ripple is the clear winner. Stellar Lumens does not come close. Similarly, the projects below are clear winners in their respective sectors.

1. Binance Coin (BNB)


The BNB token is the top exchange token. It has performed very well in the markets, even going green when many others were going red for a long time, and it is part of one of the world’s most feature-rich and viable exchanges. 

CZ and his team have been very smart in how they integrate BNB with what the exchange has to offer. Using the BNB token offers discounts and ICO investment opportunities, but the real kicker is that it in a way is boosting the value and reputation of Binance. The way it ties into Binance’s features makes it a very attractive token to use, either for discounts or as a base pair. Use means investment, so that is a good predictor of Binance’s value. 

Other exchange are also offering the same, but none do it quite as well as Binance. It helps that Binance is one of the biggest exchanges but to its credit, it has also built a lot of things like the ICO launchpad and DEX to support its value.

2. VeChain (VET)


Supply chains are one of the biggest use cases for blockchain technology and many projects are working on it. Yet, I think VeChain is one of the better ones. It’s not as strong in the field as BNB is in the exchange token field, but it has a good head start. 

The project has already run several initiatives in the food, beverages and tobacco industry, all of which are multi-billion dollar areas. I believe some steps have already been taken in the fashion retail space as well. As evidence of their quality, one Reddit user posted about how he had milk delivered through VeChain’s tracking app, which posted a lot of cool information about the product.

The trouble with investing in the supply chain space though is that you have too many tokens to choose from. Even if VET is one of the better ones, I don’t think it’s a guarantee that it will come out on top. Another project to look at is Origin Trail (TRAC) which is trying to build an ecosystem for all supply chain blockchains. Perhaps in the long run that will do better.

Then again, with the number of pilots and initiatives of VeChain, it may just get a good hold on the market. The best thing to do now with things being so uncertain is to invest in a few reliable projects (of which VET is definitely one) and then see how the future plays out. 


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