Halloween 2022 - Movie Night Selection Part 2

As promised earlier, here’s Part 2 of this year’s Movie Selection for my Halloween Movie Night. In the end I will probably only watch 3 or 4 of these movies together with my guests, in the worst case only one of them will vote alongside me for the movies that we choose but as long as I care, at least Someone cares, and I will definitely watch all of them even if I have to do it alone. Also, thanks to AryaStark for her kind Words, they gave me the Strength to go on with my Movie List and gave me the motivation needed to write this post. I know Im very late this Year - Sorry 4 that.


Werewolf by Night (2022/IMDB 7.3/Rotten Tomatoes 91% Tomatometer, 90% Audience Score/Rated TV-14, Runtime: 52 min)





A Special feature from Marvel, its Runtime is less than an hour and the ratings are very good. I like the Style of it, let’s hope 4 the best








Spree (2020/IMDB 5.9/Rotten Tomatoes 67% Tomatometer, 61% Audience Score /Rated R, Runtime: 92min)





 Story about a Guy that is on a Killing Spree to earn himself fame on social media. What an Asshole! I hope he dies at the End of the Movie ;)








Halloween Ends (2022/IMDB 5.0/Rotten Tomatoes 41% Tomatometer, 57% Audience Score /Rated R (18), Runtime: 110 min)





The 13th Halloween Movie. Ain't No real Halloween without  this Franchise. Is ist really the last one?









Fresh (2022/IMDB 6.7/Rotten Tomatoes 81% Tomatometer, 80% Audience Score /Rated R (PG-16), Runtime: 114 min)





Boy meets Girl Movie, but the Boy has a dirty Fetish (he’s probably a fecal Freak). Let’s find out about it....









Bloody Hell (2020/IMDB 6.5/Rotten Tomatoes 91% Tomatometer, 80% Audience Score /Rated R (18), Runtime: 93 min)





A Hero fights some Psychos with Masks, looks like Fun...









Stake Land a.k.a. Vampire Nation (2010/IMDB 6.4/Rotten Tomatoes 74% Tomatometer, 62% Audience Score/Rated R (18), Runtime: 98min)





A Movie from 2010 about the Vampire Apocalypse, they made 7 short webisodes as a Prequel and in 2016 it got a Sequel......Cool









Hell Fest (2018/IMDB 5.5/Rotten Tomatoes 39% Tomatometer, 41% Audience Score/Rated R (16), Runtime: 89 min)





A Theme Park at Halloween with a real serial Killer among the visitors









Blood Fest (2018/IMDB 5.4/Rotten Tomatoes 50% Tomatometer, 42% Audience Score/Not Rated , Runtime: 92 min)





A Big Halloween Event with real Monsters and Killers among the visitors, it may sound a little like Hell Fest but it’s another Movie ;)









The Wolf of Snow Hollow  (2020/IMDB 6.2/Rotten Tomatoes 89% Tomatometer, 66% Audience Score/Rated R (16), Runtime: 84 min)





A small Town, a Werewolf and the police that Hunts it - Sounds Good, ain’t it?







Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween to all of you. 


Love it or hate it, it’s up to you




You can find more Halloween Movie Recommendations here, also read about this year’s Selection Part 1


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