True Tales of Medical Horror: Iatrogenic Syphilis Before Tuskegee

By MarvinScottMarvin | Moonbat Dives | 30 Aug 2022

Vocabulary word of the day: iatrogenic; adjective : (of a disease or problem) caused by medical treatment or a doctor.

Buckle up, Moonbats, it's about to get historically shameful in here!

You may have heard or read something about the infamous Tuskegee Experiment in which black men were intentionally infected with syphilis and refused treatment in order to study the effects of the disease. But, did you know that was not the only, or even the first, instance in which doctors infected their patients with syphilis through non-sexual contact and as the direct result of an injection?

Yes, prior to the Tuskegee Experiment, doctors were infecting their patients with syphilis, allegedly inadvertently. The total numbers are unknowable, but it's certain that thousands of people needlessly suffered this particular malady due to the ignorance and carelessness of the medical establishment of their time.

How did that happen? Well, the short answer is they got vaccinated.

More specifically, they were vaccinated against smallpox with a vaccine made from viral material sourced from a person who either; a) had recovered from smallpox but was infected with syphilis, or b) was exclusively infected with syphilis which had been misdiagnosed as smallpox.

In fact, as syphilis is sometimes mistaken for smallpox, it's entirely possible that a significant number of people were inoculated with only syphilis rather than smallpox. Perhaps this is why you have heard of smallpox but likely haven't heard of "great-pox" which is an obsolete term for syphilis.

OK, let's back up and explain some of the history of vaccination science with which you might not be familiar, if you have neglected to read my previous posts. This is what gets left out of the official story; the inconvenient and outrageous facts.

The ancient practice of inoculation with smallpox through variolation was quite different from the process of vaccination. The first documented instances of inoculation involved the nasal insufflation of dried scabs pulverized to a powder. The second process, known as variolation, involved superficial scratches on the skin into which similar dried scab powder or fresh pus (aka lymph) was rubbed.

The modern era of vaccination science begins, as you have likely been told a million times, with Edward Jenner's smallpox vaccine in 1796. Jenner's innovation of the process was to combine the same scabs and pus with other substances and inject that via syringe. 

Following the advice of Jenner, doctors around the world began injecting their patients with what was allegedly a less dangerous cowpox virus. Many doctors sourced these injections directly from the Jenner Institute which supplied the viral material. Unfortunately, that supply was often contaminated with other viruses, such as syphilis and tuberculosis.

This is a direct result of the process of producing the vaccine through what is known as "arm-to-arm" vaccination. The original Jennerian smallpox vaccines were made from the pus or dried scabs sourced from an infected person, often from someone who had been infected/inoculated with the vaccine. That biohazardous material was then injected into others on the premise that they would acquire immunity after a mild illness. Unfortunately, many of the source patients were suffering from concurrent infections, such as syphilis, and those viruses were also inoculated in the vaccinated individuals. The subsequent pathology was often tragic, but the sufferers were not counted as smallpox fatalities and thus contributed to the illusion of success in vaccinating against smallpox.

Additionally, thousands of individuals died from the subsequent cowpox infection after inoculation with the Jenner vaccines. These victims of medical misadventure were likewise not counted towards the case fatality numbers for smallpox. In some locations, after a mass vaccination, more people died from cowpox than from smallpox.

Information on the problems with cowpox fatalities and subsequent infection with smallpox after vaccination can be found, if you are inclined to search for it. However, information on the inadvertent inoculation with syphilis, tuberculosis (aka consumption) and other pathogens during the first two centuries of mass vaccination is severely lacking in the medical literature. A search of PubMed for 'iatrogenic syphilis' returns only 7 results, one of which is vaccine associated; it mentions the possibility of HIV being spread iatrogenically as a result of vaccination.

In order to find case reports and testimony about this iatrogenic spread of syphilis, one must reach far back in time and read the rare tracts of doctors who advocated against mass vaccination, calling it medical malpractice.

Here are a few examples as quoted from sworn testimony before a committee of the British House of Commons in 1871, as published in the 1877 book Vaccination: It's Fallacies and Evils by Robert Alexander Gunn (Second Edition 1882).

Dr Collins testified: 

After twenty years experience as a vaccinator, during six or seven small-pox epidemics, I have ceased to vaccinate ten or twelve years ; and gave up at least £500 sterling a year by doing so. I consider vaccination not only useless but an evil. Have often seen children with syphilitic eruptions, after vaccination, whose parents were free of any taint. Have seen children, hitherto healthy with no trace of struma, after vaccination assume a scrofulous character, with every characteristic of a strumous habit. Erysipelas and phlegmanous ulcers are also by no means uncommon after vaccination. In a particular case I vaccinated an apparently healthy child with lymph from the national vaccine establishment, and on the eigth day, from a true Jennerian vesicle on its arm, I, at the request of the parents, friends of the first, vaccinated another healthy child; and three weeks after each child was brought to me, having decided syphilitic symptoms; when, upon examination, it was found to that the father of the first child had constitutional syphilis. The parents of the second child were perfectly healthy, but the syphilis had been conveyed to it by the vaccine lymph taken from the other. Was once consulted by some young ladies who had been vaccinated from their brother, who had been suckled by a syphilitic nurse, and, upon being discovered, it was found that her own child had the usual syphilitic symptoms.

Dr. Pearce testified: : 

I have given special attention to the subject of vaccination for eighteen years. Returns show a large increase of consumption. Knew a lady and her elder brother, unvaccinated, the only survivors of ten children, the rest having been vaccinated, five of whom died in childhood, and the remaining three at from fifteen to eighteen, of consumption. The mother always attributed the death of her eight children to vaccination. The ancestors on both sides for generations were all healthy country people. There was no defect of nutrition, no re-breathed air of work-shops. When vaccinating, as I formerly did extensively, I was astonished to find that I had unwittingly transmitted syphilis from lymph supplied by the Jennerian Institution ; I had proved that no taint existed within the parents; had twenty or twenty-four such cases within four years at Northampton.

Dr. J.J. Garth Wilkinson testified: 

I have vaccinated to within the last five years without thinking about it. Vaccination is so entirely secumden artem ["according to the practice : in accordance with the standard procedure of a profession or trade"], the large majority cannot think about it. We are continually coming upon venerable fallacies; but on this question prestige and interest prevent investigation. Six positive cases are worth 10,000 negatives, which go for nothing.

Dr. Siljestrom testified: 

I have always felt that if vaccination does not stand against small-pox it is nil ; if it does stand, millions to one but what it imparts other and more powerful disorders into the system. My own coachman's child took erysipelas concurrently with vaccination, and both the child and its mother died of the erysipelas. Knew a case of an eminent literary man crippled with a skin affection, a kind of eczema of the leg, ever since being re-vaccinated four years since. Have often, almost daily, heard parents say "my children have never been the same since they were vaccinated."

Dr. Bakewell testified : 

There is a very strong opinion among medical men in the West Indies that leprosy has been communicated by vaccination. They often apply to me for lymph from England, though there would be an equal chance of English lymph being contaminated by syphilis ; have seen several cases of leprosy where vaccination seemed to be the only explanation ; have a case now, a child from India, a leper, both parents being English ; saw another, a creole of Trinidad, also of English parents. Sir Ranald Martin agreed with me that the leprosy arose from vaccination. Have seen seen several cases of leprosy resulting from vaccination, arrived at the conclusion with reluctance in the face of difficulties. Have no doubt death resulted from syphilis, produced by vaccination, in the Rivalta cases. There are two hundred and fifty-eight such cases mentioned by Lancereaux as having occurred in France, Italy, and Germany. Think there are others of which we have no knowledge.

You can find these and other testimonials giving examples of this iatrogenic spread of pathogens through vaccination in the source text. I encourage you to read it.

If you are persistent in your belief that "vaccines are safe and effective" and that perhaps these doctors were exaggerating or invented by the author of that book, I will direct your attention to the history of the American Civil War, during which it has been documented that soldiers on both sides practiced arm-to-arm inoculation with the disastrous results of spreading syphilis to thousands of otherwise healthy individuals.

Now, lest you leave this blog imagining that the issue of contamination of vaccines with ancillary viruses has plagued the smallpox vaccines exclusively and is only a distant memory, I will direct your attention to the second foundational myth of the vaccine cultists: polio.

Again, much has been redacted, excised, or otherwise excluded from the narrative around the alleged success of the polio vaccines. Specifically, for example, the discovery of SV-40. SV stands for Simian Virus and the number means that it was the fortieth known simian virus to be discovered and documented.

In 1960, SV-40 was found in both the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines and later in other vaccines (such as the rotavirus vaccine Rotarix-A) for which viruses were cultivated in monkey kidneys. The research scientist who made the discovery testified before Congress about their findings in 1961. It wasn't until 1963 that anything was done to remove this contamination of the vaccine supply.

Since then several studies have linked SV-40 to cancers in the recipients of the contaminated vaccines. 98 million Americans were injected with the SV-40 contaminated vaccines. Cancer rates have skyrocketed since then, but the corporate media with their billions of dollars in advertising revenue from the makers of numerous cancer treatments continue to insist that this is purely coincidental.

It's been well said that vaccines are the leading cause of coincidences.

Speaking of odd coincidences, perhaps it's not the inclusion of SV-40 which is responsible for the increase in cancer rates among the vaccinated population. Rather, it could be the result of the elimination of Polioviruses from circulation, as exposure to Polioviruses has been shown to confer some protection against certain types of cancer later in life. There are multiple different cancer treatments being developed using Polioviruses as macrophages since they are inclined to attach to and inhibit the growth of certain types of cancerous cells.

What types of cancer? Colorectal cancer, glioblastoma (brain tumor), melanoma, and breast cancer, to name just a few.

What's more, in another wild coincidence, there is another famous virus commonly vaccinated against which is also known to be oncolytic, but that's going to have to be another post for another day as this post has already diverged from its original intent. But, this is what I do; I connect the informational dots to see the bigger picture, and tie the myriad tangents together into a narrative tapestry as artfully as I am able. Hopefully after reading this you are beginning to see what I have noticed being excluded from the master narrative of the corporate media and their billions of dollars in drug company advertising.

Well, Moonbats, I think this is enough for you to chew on while I compose my next transmission. Until next time, may your mind expand farther and faster than your belly.









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