3 Cryptocurrency picks for the week of July 5th

By Monotone | Monotone Crypto | 5 Jul 2020

In this article I will select one high market cap(>$200m), one medium market cap(<200m), and one low market cap(<$10m) for this week, that I believe have potential. All of these coins are showing a bullish trend and have a good chance at continuation. However, this can get thrown off if Bitcoin and Ethereum drop in price. As we know as crypto traders. Everything is correlated with the price of Bitcoin, which is currently showing bearish. Always be careful when trading crypto. 

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice. Always do your own research before committing your funds to an asset. Never invest more than you are willing to lose in anything. No matter who tells you to buy it.


Large Market cap pick

Cardano (ADA)


Cardano is currently trading just under 0.10 cents and around 1050 satoshis. With a market cap of almost $2.5 billion USD. A lot of bullish news has been released for cardano over the last few weeks and it looks like July could be an amazing month for the Charles Hoskinson dream project as long as Bitcoin cooperates. They recently released an updated website and roadmap leading up to the shelley release. Many are speculating on a potential coinbase listing after hearing about the staking partnership with coinbase custody. In my opinion, A coinbase listing is inevitable for a top 10 cryptocurrency. Once shelley is released and cardano becomes fully decentralized on July 29th, look for a coinbase listing to quickly follow.

8d6add073b375f25192d4a4c0a517eb8b04ecc00212731328a2b7ea10dee7626.pngWhere do you buy Cardano?



Medium Market cap pick

Reserve Rights (RSR)


RSR Is currently trading at 0.0067 cents and around 75 satoshis. With a market cap of of just 46m and lots of room for growth. RSR is in a steady bullish trend and continuation looks very likely as long as Bitcoin stays above $8900 this week. Most of this bullish sentiment is due to the recent paypal rumours about paypal adopting a cryptocurrency purchasing model in the future. Peter Thiel, the founder of Paypal, is a direct invester in RSR. Once their mainnet it released, Look for reserve rights to gain traction in North America going forward. Not only does this look like a very good short term trade. But, it could make you a lot of money in the long run if the paypal rumors are true.


Where do you buy Reserve Rights?


RSR has one of the best looking charts right now. With bitcoin staying stable. We could see it retest 80 sats soon.


Small Market cap pick

Akropolis (AKRO)


Akro Is currently trading at 0.00584 cents and around 0.0000259 ETH. With a market cap of of just 7.5m. This is a DEFI Project and it has seen a nice pump last week and is currently in a small pull back. As we know, DEFI is the next big thing and it's only a matter of time before this project gets a larger percentage of the market share. They have a well thought out roadmap and you can tell the team is working hard at pushing out working software. With their recent Sparta mainnet launch, look for this coin to have potential for parabolic growth in the future.


Where to buy Akropolis?



There you have it, these are my picks for this week. All three of these picks even have a lot of potential in the coming years. I could see them doing minimum of 10x in the next bullrun. Please remember to always research and make a decision on your own whether or not to invest. Never blindly throw money at any crypto or stock because someone tells you to.


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