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By Monotone | Monotone Crypto | 5 Jul 2020

Sign up to coinbase and watch a few videos and answer questions. Takes only a couple minutes and can be exchanged for Bitcoin or Ethereum immediately or withdraw to your paypal as fiat. All the correct answers are in this post, making it as easy as possible to earn the crypto.







  1. A blockchain protocol for fast, scalable applications


  1. ⁠Delegated proof of stake 


  1. ⁠Fast, free transfers 


  1. ⁠Stake EOS tokens 


  1. ⁠Upgradeable smart contracts


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  1. ⁠A decentralized coin that unites currencies


  1. ⁠Facilitating low cost universal payments


  1. ⁠Transactions are Fast, Inexpensive, and Global


  1. ⁠To issue, exchange, and transfer tokens quickly and efficiently


  1. ⁠It relies on the cooperation of trusted nodes to confirm transactions






  1. A peer to peer privacy wallet.


  1. Orchid’s Ethereum token, OXT, as well as the Orchid app and a Web3 wallet 


  1. Multihop configurations between bandwidth providers.

9eafd828bcaaf1faab9f1f2d5871bbb8b0855daee77ccf006e27e9bf3999f203.png$9 in COMP CLICK HERE


  1. Earning interest on your crypto.


  1. Supply your crypto as collateral.


  1. COMP Token holders


Thanks for your time opening this post even if you have already done coinbase earn, I appreciate it.

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