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Sweat - move2earn gets learn2earn update

If you've been following me, you know that move to earn is my thing, especially free m2e apps where you don't need to buy NFT's before you can start earning.

I've posted about them a couple of times before, here and here


Well, as sweatcoin continues on its journey, it launched the SWEAT token on the NEAR blockchain. These tokens are minted according to your steps. At launch, it took 1,000 steps to mint 1 SWEAT token. As of today, January 31st 2023, it takes 2,680.79 steps to mint one token.

Thankfully, you can also earn from staking your tokens in grow jars for 3, 6 or 12 months. 

And in the most recent update, learn & earn has been introduced. So far there are 4 articles with a simple quiz after each one, with a reward of 1 SWEAT for each correctly completed quiz.


Download sweatcoin to earn from your everyday steps, and grab sweat wallet app to learn and earn as well.

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Monetised Self - making daily habits pay
Monetised Self - making daily habits pay

My interest in 'x-to-earn' started in the realm of play-to-earn gaming (p2e), and moved rapidly to move-to-earn (move2earn) which got me wondering... What other daily habits can i get paid for?? For 2023, I'm posting my weekly earnings across the various apps and platforms, along with my thoughts

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