How to get paid for exercising..(part 2)

By TheBalanceGuy | Holistic Balance | 18 Apr 2022

  • As the title suggests, this is a follow-on post from How to get paid for exercising part 1, though i should probably have titled this one something along the lines of "how to passively earn crypto by walking".

Anyway, on to the good stuff.
After using Sweatcoin for quite a while now, i'm happy to say that i've redeemed a few of the offers on there successfully, and saved about €60 as a result. I still haven't cashed out for amazon gift cards yet, as when these come up in the store they get snapped up very quickly. I probably only open the app once a week, as it does all the step counting in the background. If i opened it more frequently i might have more luck getting them.
Verdict: Simple to use, hassle free, won't change your life.



Next up, $miles
This app allows you to make up to 21 satoshis per day for your steps, and also allows you to play chess puzzles (or full games against AI) to earn more sats. To get your first payout, you have to reach 1000 sats (which didn't take as long as i expected) and afterwards, there doesn't seem to be any minimum. I usually send it to my wallet every 200-300 sats. There is also a 'spin the wheel' game which you can play every 12 hours to top up your sats.


There is also a store which allows you to get either a percentage or dollar amount of bitcoin 'cashback'. I haven't used this feature, so i can't really comment on it.
Verdict: Stack those sats, they add up faster than you think!



Finally for today we have Actifit
This app allows you to synch your steps from apple/google/fitbit and get rewarded in AFIT tokens, which are on the hive blockchain. To get the reward, you have to do a short report (with or without pictures), which is then posted to the blockchain as a microblog. The best thing about this is you now have the potential to earn HIVE and/or HBD (hive backed dollars) from other users. So if you are out for a walk/run in nature, take some pictures and attach them to your report, this will help you earn more on your post on hive.
Verdict: the interface on the actifit app is currently a little clunky, but don't be put off by it. The team at @actifit have recently posted screenshots of a redesigned user interface, and it looks really nice.

Have you used any of these apps? Let me know how you're getting on with them :-)
Do you know another app that helps you create an income from your exercise? I'd love to hear about it!

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