We are nearning Ton's BTT airdrop.

We are nearning Ton's BTT airdrop.

By ModernEuler | Moderncrypto | 11 Feb 2019

As you all know, in a few hours time, Tron team will distribute 10% of Trx as BTT token to TRX holders. They will take a snapshot of your TRX when Tron's block height reaches to 6,6 million. You can track this from tronscan.org

Bittorent has use cases for internet user. BTT token will make it userfriendly to use Bittorent. That's why BTT token took a dramatic surge (10x in USDT). TRW token tripled since September this year. But it's started to decline since last week. 

There are discussion about the price effect of this aidrop. Some argue that it is bad for token's price, and give the example of pundi X, token NXPS. As you know pundi x distributes 7% as NXPS token to holders. 

Here is what I think. Pundi x is still under development but Bittoren has a real use case, So these two airdrop are different. 

What's your opinion?

So let's watch this event and see what will price of BTT and TRX after airop.


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