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What's up, guys? Satoshi Hero is a Bitcoin faucet which I first tried last week. I gave my first impression and had a detailed site feature about it here and I did say that I was going to give it another review after a week to see if it was worth trying out. Well, today is the day I do the review but things did not go the way as planned...

Upon visiting the site today, here's what I encountered:


Surprising, right? Honestly, I would've understood if it showed something saying that the site was on maintenance and that it will be back soon but nope. No such app, it said. As one of its users, what was I supposed to do? I do wish that they had given out an explanation on this matter (I tried searching but I came up with nothing).

From time to time, I will visit the site and check if it will return or not.

SAME DAY UPDATE: Site is now back up! Everything is back to normal.

Nevertheless, I will still be telling you guys my final review now so that we can finally close this side of journey and move on.




Let me be clear that I didn't claim as frequent as possible. With no screenshots to show (because the site unexpectedly disappeared), please believe me when I say that I was only able to collect around 1.7k Satoshi throughout the week. The last time I was able to claim was only last night.  

So, will I recommend this faucet when it returns? Not really. With S. Hero's withdrawal minimum of 30,000 Satoshi, I am nowhere near of getting what I have collected. It's better to just invest your time on other faucets because some will give you more Satoshi AND have a lower withdrawal limit (like FaucetCrypto). 

(SAME DAY UPDATE) Like I said, Site's back up so I will now be able to show you guys my stats before I completely let this faucet go.


This is reality. We do have to experience some things first so that we can learn from it. Goodbye, 1.7k Satoshi. It will take me months (or even years) to get you raise you up to 30k Satoshi just so that I can withdraw you so never mind.



Still, happy earning, guys! Thanks for reading!


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