Satoshi Hero? A soft... pass?

By Mireane | Mirea - Crypto Corner | 4 Aug 2020

When we don't want to invest any money to get crypto, we indulge our time with faucets to earn. But I believe that reviews like this one are necessary so we get to determine which faucets are worth it because they pay better among others. And here we go, this time we talk about Satoshi Hero!


Its user interface isn't bad at all. You can visit the website using Brave Browser (this is important to mention; who doesn't love Brave anyway?). Set up your email, confirm your account, and then you're good to go. 



In every 10 minutes, you can solve 1 captcha 3 times in order to get Satoshi per try. From my experience, the smallest amount of Satoshi I gained was 1 Satoshi and the highest amount I gained was 25 Satoshi. For me, that's quite small since this website requires me to get a minimum of 30,000 satoshi in order to withdraw. I am willing to test this faucet for a week and then give an update on how much I can earned all in all. 

Unlike other faucets in which they include a feature of viewing PTC ads, this one offers you casino-like games in which you bid what you have. 

0c535057a1f3c072f18b2b7338bd6ac20f5b84d6054c340cf6a37a640b71a1f6.jpegHere's a downside: these games actually require you to bid a considerable amount of Satoshi. You can't deposit bitcoin here so you can only play with what you have earned (once you feel like it's safe to risk that crypto). 

More than these games, you can do offerwalls (which are available on almost every faucet) but their greatest promo here is more on their faucet feature where there's a chance of you getting 250,000 satoshi. I'll keep trying to see how much I can earn (if I have unlucky hands, then I'll get only 1 per try) and I'll update after a week.  

August 5 update (Day 2 of using Satoshi Hero): The highest amount of satoshi I gained in one claim was 50 satoshi and currently, I now have 589 Satoshi on hand. My stats say that I have done 107 claims as of now.

I suggest that you guys try this site as well. You can click here. This is one of the many faucets I have been using and I have yet to review them. I have CoinAdster and Cointiply on my list of stuffs to write about. 

Thank you so much for reading! 


Photos are screencapped from Satoshi Hero.

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