When it seems that an one-eyed man has looked at you

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 12 Apr 2022

"It seems that an one-eyed man has looked at me". What?

It is a way of speaking, a popular saying, a phrase that is used regularly and without drama, rather with a certain grace, even with a funny sense, to say that we are not lucky, as if we had been cursed... somehow alluding to "the evil eye".

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And there are days that it seems that way, all that, that a little thing happens and you think it is normal, another happens and you say: patience, one more happens, you comment that it will be a somewhat crooked bad streak, simply. Then you forget for a moment, you relax, and wait... there it is again, why?

I decided to go running on the beach, for some busy issues and other weird reasons this week I had put it aside, but I thought it might be again the best time. But suddenly more foot pain, I already had a small foot injury, which gradually improved well. I have been patient and I was convinced that everything would be fine, but now another one and it is different. So, during those moments I get desperate, I complain, it is normal but then I go back to the pragmatic mode and focus on seeing what can be done, I focus on curing it, on getting better again. I stop, I sit down, and I wait to see what I feel, what my body feels, and I let myself be inspired, I don't understand it... but I think it can go better, in the end it is about feeling what's going better, each day sometimes it is in a way or another. What if tomorrow all that is gone and it is just been a little pain? Sometimes that happens. Some luck...

There is another also popular phrase... "there is no harm that lasts a hundred years". This is more positive and encouraging. Everything passes. The most important things and also the slightest, except that during the process we do not see it, we are not one-eyed like "that one who looks at us" but blind. We do not see right our reality. But time brings us light, the future is illuminated for us, that future that we saw as dark and black. Maybe he was just winking at us ;)

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I have my ice, my cream and my couch. And my mind prepared to focus all my good energy on what happens. And what's next? Anything else that comes along could be another inconvenience, but we will face it still huffing and puffing saying that same phrase from the title, at the end we will keep going once again, moving forward too and we will keep running, of course.

Thanks for reading. Have a lucky day!



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