The Time Of The Sun

By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 23 Dec 2023

Time passes and we realize it, we can measure it. Wait, what is that? It is a sundial, a real one, as they did before, looking at the path that the sun travels during the day, from the sea it passes over us to end up resting in distant mountains...

This is how time passes, with each solar movement, with each ray of light, with each glare that makes us squint. And I look around, a sundial that will work today, that has been waiting for the sun to rise to start, like us.

And it has curious details, not only marks the hours with Roman numerals but also the signs of the zodiac, in a kind of ceramic mosaic, and it remains there bathed in beautiful light, waiting to strike the hour, the first hour, because the day only makes sense if the sun is there, in front of our eyes.

Now our time is over, that time of taking photographs, breathing deeply and contemplating the beauty of everyday life and the wonderful beginning of each day. But the time of the sun is not over, it will continue with us, with a clock that will mark its steps, all day, until it decides to leave... but only for a moment, while we dream, of another beautiful and bright day, in another eternal moment.

Thanks for reading! Have an inspiring and nice day.


The text is mine and the photo too, by ©Duvinca
This is a reduced version of my post that I published some time ago on Hive (Ecency).

The photo has been taken with my Samsung mobile.


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The world, the life & me
The world, the life & me

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