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By Duvinca | The world, the life & me | 3 Jan 2022

Another year is ending, it is time to imagine our next goals and desires, but it is also time to take stock and think about what we have, what we have experienced in the last twelve months.

Time passes, it runs, at times it seems to fly fast because when we realize we are here again, in these days when everything is intense: meals, shopping, congratulations and chatting alone.

In any case we want the year that is to come, as soon as possible, to be better than the previous one, but since everything is relative... the best or the worst will depend a lot on what we have lived, on what we have achieved or what we have suffered. How was your year?

Surely there have been good and bad things too, because three hundred sixty five days, even if they pass quickly, give a little bit of everything to make it happen... or not. It is also likely that we all have a conclusion that sums it up, a general feeling that invades us and that allows us to define the year.

Whatever it was, we have to look back to see what happened, everything we learned, what we gained or lost, and move on with the accumulated experience and with more wisdom, thanking those good things, which no matter how small they are, they are always there.

Because there is always something to be grateful for and instead of focusing on what we lack, on the grievance, we should focus on those things, moments and people that have made us happy, take all that accumulation of experiences and set foot with more strength and hope in the first of the year.

And so slowly, with my times, I go deeper into this world that until recently I did not know and did not care, but I think we have to keep an open mind and so we find new satisfactions, surprises and new friends from other side of the screen, on the blockchain. We will continue to learn and discover more in the new year too. Thank you.

Happy New Year 2022!






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The world, the life & me
The world, the life & me

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