Sirwin - read if your app lost all funds

By minimalist | minimalist | 28 May 2021

Today the app lost all my assets, and the history of transactions was erased too. I then tried to upgrade the app to the latest version which did not resolve the issue. I contacted customer support via the chat but received no help.

As it transpires I am not the only one affected:

On above website some genius suggested to use mobile data rather than wifi, and it worked for me!

I followed these steps:

1) Log out of the app. Via home, then the gear icon top left, then log out at the bottom. Only do this if you have your password, face id or touch id fully working. Some people reported problems logging back in.

2) Turn of Wifi

3) Close the app

4) Turn on mobile data

5) Start the app and log in

6) If the problem is resolved, you can switch back to WiFi.

I cannot guarantee that it will work, but at least 3 other people on the above website said it does, and it did for me. All looks ok again, including the transactions.

Interestingly the status website states there are no issues:

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