Pi network reaches +10 M engaged pioneers

Pi network reaches +10 M engaged pioneers

By OvermindSB | MinereumV.2 | 5 Dec 2020


Over 10 million users! 

The Pi Network has reached over 10 Million engaged verified user. This is a huge milestone and will potentially pump up the price of the coin when it got listed in the end of the phase 2 which will most likely be in the mid of 2021 (my own opinion). 

The 10M mark is coming. Invite friends to cross the mark together and the Core Team will announce soon the decision on mining, along with plans for the Mainnet.

If you want to have a piece of the pi I give you 1 pi for free. Simply follow this link and  https://minepi.com/MathisKopp and use my user name  (MathisKopp) as invitation Code. 

resources: Pi App


I give you THE HALF of my reward ticket for free!


All you need to do is this: 

  • 1. Download the Swissborg Wealth App (mandatory)
  • 2. Deposit 50 €, deposits on Swissborg are free so you can withdraw them later. (Withdraw costs about 1 €, with the earning from the reward you'll gonna make either a plus or a break even) (mandatory)

Note: If you only download the Wealth app you only get 10% of the 50 %

  • 3. Download the Swissborg Community App (mandatory)
  • 4. Apply the Code: OA62FUI (mandatory)
  • 5. Contact me via Discord(Overmind#0055), Telegram (@SwissborgSwarm) or mail (Publish0xCrypto@gmail.com) (preferred) to get your BTCs! (mandatory)

Have fun earning free BTC!

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This promotion is unlimited, begun on the 2020-10-28 1:30 pm UTC.

I Paid every participant: Check in the comment section of these posts for a proof of my payment to them:

Proof 1

Proof 2

Proof 3

Proof 4

Proof 5

Thank you for participating! 

Note: I pay in any currency you like :). And the withdrawal fee from Swissborg Wealth App to your wallet are free of fees. I pay them.  Happy free Crypto earning!


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