Minereum V2 - Where do the FEES go?

By Potaball | Minereum | 25 Apr 2020

Minereum V2 has been live for a while. There have been hundreds of genesis addresses been upgraded, 23 of genesis addresses and 3 stakes been sold.


Don't forget that the upgrade action will require people to pay the upgrade fee (in Ether) and also the trading fee (in Ether too) will apply to every trade made on the platform. So, where do the fees go to?

If you guess that all the fees will go to the admin's pocket, then you're wrong!

In fact, all the collected fees will be shared among the stakeholders depend on the stakes they hold.

For example, Mr.A holds 10% of the stake and the collected fees are 100 ETH. Then, when somebody triggers payout (everybody can do this action, just need to pay the gas fee), Mr.A will receive his 10 ETH.

That is how the stake work!

Here are the payment proofs:



Personally, I have around 0.4% stake and I received around 0.5 ETH at the moment. (PS: the total fees paid to stakeholders: 129.8465 ETH) If you wonder, the team only hold 50% of the total stakes. The rest of them held by the community. 

If you interest in buying any stake, go to https://www.minereum.com/v2/staketrade. Currently, there are 5 stakes that were put for sale. 

Learn more about Minereum at https://www.minereum.com/howto. MAKE SURE TO READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS BEFORE YOU USE THE PLATFORM.



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