Minereum - Mining vs Staking

By Potaball | Minereum | 17 Jul 2020

We already know what Minereum is. Before this, it is a self-mining smart contract and nothing more. But now, it is a different story as the staking feature come in to play. There are 2 ways to obtain MNE token (of course not include trading): 

  • Mining
  • Staking

Then, which is the better choice to get MNE token?





Mining in minereum is performed on the fly with a mathematical formula, no mining equipment is required.

The concept of mining introduce by Minereum is different than our conventional thought. Mining in Minereum doesn't validate any transaction since Minereum itself is an ERC-20 token. So, it doesn't require any mining equipment, but only a special Ethereum address that they call it genesis address (only the activated will do the job). For those who suddenly receive 32000 MNE on April and May 2020, your address should be a genesis address, an inactive one. An active genesis address can mine 0.00032 MNE per Ethereum block, making it mine around 2 MNE per day.



  • 0.10 ETH to start mining (if you receive it from airdrop)
  • Steady mining rate
  • Able to transfer mined token anytime you want to
  • Long-lasting (For each genesis address, the mining process will end after 100,000,000 Ethereum blocks, around 50 years)



  • Low ROI currently (it depends on the price, it will take years to recover the principal investment for low ROI)
  • Messy to own a mining farm (as you can't merge/combine them, you have to control a bunch of Ethereum addresses)
  • Cost around 130k - 300k gas per transfer



It will be a good way to obtain MNE token ONLY IF:

  • you have the patience to wait for years
  • you want to get MNE token in small scale and steady source

If you want to upgrade a few of them, it is okay still. But if you plan to upgrade a lot of them, I will not recommend it though as you will have a hard time to govern them (especially when you collect all your mined token)





Again, Minereum is just an ERC-20 token. It isn't based on Proof-of-Stake system. Staking is just a feature only. People can stake their MNE token and get up to 1000%. 1000% is the pool ROI for day 1 of the staking and it will decrease by 1% each day (currently, it is Day 6 with 960% pool ROI). Also, they also have a referral program (Check this article to learn more about staking MNE). People who wish to stake MNE, simply call the smart contract's function and their tokens will go into the smart contract (lock for 365 days). 



  • Super high pool ROI 
  • Able to earn by referring (No need to stake token by yourself)



  • Staked tokens will lock up for 365 days (in the meantime, you cannot do anything with them)
  • Low ROI when your stake smaller than others (your stake small means you share a small pool ROI)
  • Cost around 400k gas (without ref) and 800k gas (with ref) per txn



I will prefer staking if I want to stake a large amount all at once. By staking a large amount, it will be easier to approach the pool ROI. Thus, making a high ROI for the staking.




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