Earn up to 1000% p.a. STAKING reward!

Earn up to 1000% p.a. STAKING reward!

By Potaball | Minereum | 9 Jul 2020

Is this a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme?

A BIG NO! Both Ponzi scheme and pyramid scheme will use new investors' funds to pay the earlier backers. Nevertheless, in this typical staking, new tokens will be mint and use to pay all stakers. So, no matter how late you stake your tokens, you will get a reward too.



What is the token?

Yes, it is MINEREUM again! The same token that unintentionally "spam" people's wallets. (I wrote an article on how to destroy them with a little gas fee only, click HERE to check it out if you wish to destroy them). 

As a brief intro, Minereum is the first self-mining smart contract. It is an ERC-20 token with the token smart contract address: 0x426ca1ea2406c07d75db9585f22781c096e3d0e0. It can be mine with activated Minereum genesis addresses. 



What is staking?

To clarify about the idea, Minereum is not a PoS-based cryptocurrency. Staking is an additional feature in Minereum. A new smart contract was designed to operate the staking system. People who want to stake Minereum, simply send their Minereum tokens to the smart contract. Then, their tokens will lock within the smart contract for 365 days. At the 366th day, your tokens plus staking reward will return to your wallet. In the meantime, you are not allowed to move this locked tokens.



How about the Pool ROI? 

The initial (First day) pool ROI will set to be 1000% and this interest rate will decrease by 1% from the overall percentage. Meaning that the second day's interest rate will be 990% and the third day will be 980.1% etc. The interest rate curve for each day will be something like this:



So, after 365 days, a new cycle will start. The pool ROI will go back to 1000% and decrease over time.

For more precise pool ROI, you can have a look at here



Then, what is my own ROI?

We can calculate our own ROI by using the formula:



For example, Steve staked 1000 MNE at 10th day after the staking feature launched and the total amount of the token that staked on the same day was 1500 MNE (including Steve's 1000 MNE). So, Steve's ROI will be:


This means that Steve will get 6090.0114983 MNE after 365 days of his staking. Note that your interest rate will be fixed and unchangeable after the day you stake it. Meaning that Steve's ROI will maintain at 609.0114983% p.a. for 365 days of staking period.

In short, there are only three factors that can affect your interest rate: 

  • The amount of your tokens that you stake at nth day
  • The total amount of the token that stake on the same day
  • The day you stake the token

The bigger the ratio of your tokens that you stake at the specify day to the total amount of the token that stake at the same day, the more likely your own ROI will approach to the pool ROI for that specify day. The earlier you stake, the higher the pool ROI.



Referral program!

Referred users will get 25% bonus based on the amount they stake while referrers will get their bonus based on this:

  • Normal Addresses: 30% Referrer Bonus
  • Genesis Addresses Level 1: 30% Referrer Bonus
  • Genesis Addresses Level 2: 40% Referrer Bonus
  • Genesis Addresses Level 3: 50% Referrer Bonus
  • Fee Share Holders: 60% Referrer Bonus

You can check the type of your address here

If you're interested, you can use my referral link here (you will get 25% bonus on what you stake)

Alternatively, you can use the normal link here (not a referral link, thus it will not have a bonus)

Note: You referral code is just your Ethereum address. You also can find your own referral link in this page after connect your wallet to it.



How to stake?

Simply head over to the platform (you can find the links above). We can see all staking stats on that page. Connect your web3 compatible wallet, input the amount you want to stake and Stake! After network conformation, your stake will be successful.




What is the risk?

As all the things are handled by the smart contract, the risk, of course, is on the smart contract! If there is a bug in the smart contract, then all deposited funds will be in danger. So, it will be better to verify the source code of the smart contract before putting your tokens in. Another risk is that the drop in value of the token. 



This is not financial advice. As always, do your own research before investing. Investment always has the risks there, don't forget about them.


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