MiraTrade possibly shutting down soon! (update 23 aust) last update 25 aust

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 22 Aug 2019

(update 27 aust, site is gone. thanks for stealing from people Miratrade)
Hello everyone, possible warning because I have an issue with miratrade right now.

What is Miratrade?

is a cloud mining site that allows you to mine either Dogecoin, Litecoin and  or USD (fait).

After 64 days of the site being online, I now have the 1st payment WAITING!


As you can see in the next picture there's been no issue with making payments right away so far.
Once I did have one saying refused but it wasn't.

I will update later below. Let's hope I'll get my roi back. I highly doubt it now! 

As I said, here's an update for today.

Yesterday's and today's withdrawal's bother ended up in a waiting list (see picture below) and doesn't
seem to give any idea when it'll get send!


I'll keep updating as it might get fixed!

Thanks for the tips btw ;)

Update 25 aust.

As I said before, this site isn't going to pay anymore and here's the screenshot to back it up.

I didn't even get my roi, I guess it was never meant to give back more then I added.


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