Lynx Chain people, I'll say it again LYNX CHAIN is here.

By dvs007 | minehunter007 | 27 Sep 2019

What is lynx chain well, it's a newly build block chain that allows people to create there unique name, which is course is your wallet address.
The sooner you claim it the better, you never know that a name you would love to have is already taking.

The wallet will be free but you of course need to add some crypto in the end, however you can earn the Lynx token via two of there free games now.
Mind you sometimes they're buggy. But that's because this team is working around the clock to create all the things they want to and because the game is free and works 99% of the time anyway. No need to bother over that. It's pure profit for a little time.
How much time is on you, they reset on the hour every hour.
You you can end up making about 10 to 30 cents or more if you apply yourself to it.

Now because you can get the name, for this you'll need just your phone number and give the name you wish to use.
Simple, right?

If you wish to read the whitepaper that has been posted mins ago. Go have a look here.

The following information is from Twitter. 

Be the first one to reserve your unique name on the new LynxChain today:

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thanks for reading and taking the time to learn about the newest and probably going to be one of the most used things to this day of people realize how they're trying to protect is, no KYC yet and let's hope it'll never have to be implemented.

Sadly the the leaders of banks still attack us with the same old news. Ico's pretty much always require kyc because they afraid their government is going charge them with money laundering. So you can't get out of that. We can't yet anyway, let's hope one day.

We'll see what happens. 

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