Wonky Wednesday, waiting for withdrawals, wallets and the wildcard (EGLD)

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 2 Sep 2020

Mihalache the Metaphores Master ™ ready with his Wednesday post. Not running out of M's but plenty of things happened which cannot wait till next week.


Good news and constant upgrades from the Publish0x Team. Myself and many friends on the platform got often annoyed when we were hitting the 20 comments day limit, and felt like this limit was stopping and affecting the communication. This has now changed from 20 comments to comments to 20 posts, which will make it easier to create a thread or a conversation. Happy that my suggestion was listened and implemented.008feb8b8880c3af2eadd24a60f1939eac06f53fc4b1458839bf689b47b6949c.jpeg

The Publish0x withdrawals are delayed due to extremely high gas fees. If you made an withdraw of Ethereum, BAT or Loopring this Sunday, you probably noticed they didn't reach your wallet. Igor informed the community that  payments are delayed for next week, however, if the gas price drops to a reasonable level the payments may happen sooner.


PipeFlare added the 3rd reward to the fountain. Now users can clam Dash every 24 hours, however the pool is restricted to only $1000 per month. Claim yours until it runs out.


Publish0x dumped Atomic Wallet, and now recommends MyCrypto. I don't want to expand the subject cause Ben did it already and even made the meme which I would have done for this event. Great minds think alike. 

Not sure if you guys are into travelling as much as I am, but Ryanair went bananas with this offer, and there are flights available for only £5. They are selling 1 million seats in September and October on discounted price all day, until midnight.11d1b67f14e2a326eab937a2e3b197b4298f77489f3c0902a8faa89b92cc68e3.jpeg

This bad boy appeared in my Binance account. Elrond went bigger and stronger, and every 1000 units were automatically transformed in 1 Elrond Gold. This is my investment Wildcard and hopefully will bring a nice profit by 2022.e761c8362269de1fcd31658c09023e247c2c62c48d924e24125fe99b7c00d2c8.jpeg

Had my slice of fun before going to bed, when I was asked to present the "whole process" of Lbry.tv and reasons why to use it. I am still promoting free will and the power of personal development. This involves self study. 9f110a104996e529e8c6efb75479add1ff6552ff1a5ece43bf2162b4ca318111.jpeg


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Payments delay by Igor Tomic

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