Publish0x Dumping Atomic Wallet for MyCrypto?
mycrypto wallet

Publish0x Dumping Atomic Wallet for MyCrypto?

By Ben Wehrman | Crypto for Creators | 31 Aug 2020

Well folks, sometimes you just see it coming.

In my Publish0x update post 2 weeks ago, we took note that P0x team appeared to be opening up their wallet recommendations to a much broader collection, hinting at a weakening partnership with Atomic.

You can withdraw your tokens to any ETH-ERC20 wallet that you have the keys to. Our recommended wallets are MyCryptoAtomic WalletMEWMetamask.
-Boss Man Dan


Well, sure enough, as I went to check on my payment status today...

mycrypto wallet

That's about as clear as you can make it. Moves have been made.

If you've been following me for a while, you know I have mixed feelings about this one.

On one hand, it makes me sad.

I still use & love Atomic, so it hurts to see these referral program issues causing such a shockwave for their brand. At the end of the day, referral bonuses should be just that: bonuses. Right?


On the other hand,

When you make a promise and screw it up, you're gonna get burned. Plus, if their team is unable to hold the reigns on a fairly straightforward referral program, is this a sign that they don't have what it takes to compete with the upper-echelon wallets on the market?

Today's question(s):

▪What are your thoughts on Publish0x's recent move away from Atomic? Is this whole referral program kerfuffle a big overreaction, or will you be looking at other options now?

▪If so, which wallets are catching your eye?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments.




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