Welcome to the Shadowlands - Byron's Zombie Horde

Welcome to the Shadowlands - Byron's Zombie Horde

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 21 Oct 2021

The WAX realm is full of fantastic beasts, magical wildlife, pixeled heads, heroes and villains . The NFT Grimoire contains folklore, stories and legends about legendary beasts and powerful wizards. Our journey started in a Kindgdom far far away, with positive Derpy Cats and space traveling Mischievous Raccoons

racoonbrand WAX

Today's journey will venture into the Shadowlands, where Byron - the Supreme Necromancer is building an army of zombies and zombie cats. Today's story is about WAX and Hex, as the NFT Grimoire opened at a page full of dark magic and immortality. Byron is from a small city in Canada and he is a full time artist. He was drawing and painting zombies years before the NFT revolution.


How to animate zombies on WAX? Byron is drawing and painting zombies since 2009, moving his artworks to the WAX blockchain at the start of 2021. Creating NFTs and selling them was a different opportunity to promote artwork and months later it looks like the right decision. 

"I got started on WAX when my half brother shot me a late night message asking for artwork. He has some convincing charisma and I had nothing to lose, so I went all as dumbly as a zombie and half as smart. I was lucky to have a decade of artwork already made. The rest is on blockchain history! It was easy to just to whatever and play, because WAX is cheap to use and create. WAX is the king of NFTs!

Why selling NFTS is better than selling physical art? Physical artwork takes time to package, time to ship and then space to display. Who gets to see it? NFTs thorough WAX allows people to easily support artists they like and show the world what they own, rather than a print that takes up space and seldom seen."


Macabre fun and endless giveaways are constantly happening. If you have Byron NFTs you will often find gifts airdropped in the WAX wallet. Collaboration are a rare thing for Byron but Cryptoswatches made a perfect match for zombie dark powers, as the colors and the blends were mixing better than fairy dust and basilisk blood. 


Are a hardcore miner on Alien Worlds? Then you should make Magor 22:1 as the base of operations. The icy desert is mixing NFT art with blockchain gaming, with a chance for special space zombies NFTs with every mine. The WAX Grimoire says that the zombies were sent in space over the last decade and they floated in the void all this years. Took them countless years to reach a new planet, into a Metaverse full of prospectors. They were drawn towards Magor by the strong smell of Trilium and mining in the dark was never more dangerous than now! Magor 22:1 mining commission is 13% but is compensating with NFT drops from a set created exclusively for Alien Worlds miners.

The Alien Worlds schema has a matching frame, and with enhanced rate for those brave enough to dig for Trilium at freezing temperatures. The collection is constantly updated and the mined NFTs are random, from monster to mint number.


The Supreme Necromancer animates pets as well, with an army of zombie cats purring in caves, fields or houses. Some of them may be derpy but they will still look for brains. I love the zombie cats and I would adopt as many as possible in my WAX wallet. At the moment 28 of them, including the mint #1 of the Scaredy Zombie Cat.

"The zombie cats are a different sort of zombie. They don’t really go for the brains as much as the fLies. They show up at strange times, show off their collection of skulls, nom a few people because that’s what zombie cats do … and then they split for a bit. It’s a slow growing collection on the blockchain, even though I have several hundred in the cellars."


As the influence across the WAX realm grew stronger, the Necromancer's work could be spotted on strange tombstones! The Tombstone packs were a new side project which was well received and took their place in the WAX folklore. The Tombstone were a test for the greater things that are yet to come and a pivotal point on the learning curve.

"The Tombstones were my introduction to how the whole pack system works with NFTs as well as a way to show some of my very early work"


Why stopping at zombies and zombie cats when an army of zombie pickles can be used to take over the world. This scary and salty creatures are called Zickles and they will eat WAX for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They gone sour and escaped the Zombie factory, with some cool ones being blended to even cooler zickles. The zickles can even be grown from seeds ... if you add enough water and sun!


As Magor 22:1 got hit by climate change... a beautiful garden emerged from under the icy desert! Beautiful and deadly plants are sprouting... smell them at your own risk!


Byron - the Supreme Necromancer knows that sharing is caring! He doesn't follow trends, he follows people. He will often sketch fans portraits, adding them to the Horde. This is how I was zombified and gifted the mint #1 of my PAinfUL portrait. Many other mint #1 NFTs are constantly added for short auctions, and through those auctions I managed to add an unique 1:1 Skull Wall NFT. Having an unique NFT in the collection makes any NFT collector feel like he has a Rembrandt in his living room wall.


Byron is the Supreme Necromancer of the WAX realm because he is omnipressent in so many wallets of NFT collectors. No matter if you like cosmic unicorns, mighty dragons, aliens or even superheroes ... Byron has some artwork to match your desire! I totally agree that NFTs are easier to display and show to friends or family, while regarding storage ... where I could display 274 artworks in real life? It is a general label, throughout history that artists will be poor but now WAX changed everything, helping artists to shine and share their work worldwide.


If we manage to escape the Shadowlands without bite marks, our next journey will take us in the search of shiny loot. Make sure you add lots of potions and weapons in the Adventurer's Backpack! 


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