WAX mysterious wildlife - Raccoon Brand Folklore

WAX mysterious wildlife - Raccoon Brand Folklore

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 20 Sep 2021

NFTs and the WAX blockchain are the hot topics of 2021. Non Fungible Tokens  are units of data stored on the blockchain. The most common type of NFT is the photo format, however digital files, art, gaming info, videos or audio data can be stored on a digital ledger as NFTs. The video game industry reached 400,000,000 players and $50 billon spent yearly on virtual items. Blockchain solution are bringing decentralization, interoperability and  transparency into gaming. The WAX blockchain aims to improve and increase the use of blockchain in gaming through NFT collections. The WAX candle burns bright ... for collectors ready to fight!


The name of  the WAX blockchain comes from Worldwide Asset eXchange and was created for trading virtual items such as collectibles, images or items in video games.  The WAX blockchain is a fully decentralized marketplace where users can truly own their assets and trade them with other users on the WAX ecosystem. WAX is the King of NFTs!


WAX is the favorite choice for NFT artists and creators that what to avoid high fees and slow chain transactions on the Ethereum chain. The DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus algorithm creates speed and scalability, while Dapps built on EOS can be duplicated into the WAX blockchain. The constant growth of the ecosystem celebrated another milestone, as WAX surpassed 5,000,000 accounts, creating more daily transactions than any other blockchain.


The WAX realm is full of fantastic beasts and magical wildlife. The next page of the NFT Grimoire contains some folklore and legends about space travelling raccoons. Raccoon Brand NFTs are all about fun and mischief!


Raccoon Brand twitter account has nearly 25,000 followers and keeps the fans updated with WAX, gaming and NFT news. The quality of the NFTs and the fun features of the collection made me a loyal supporter. I tend to splash the WAX every time new NFTs are minted.


This crazy raccoons explored the Alien Worlds and built a stronghold in the mountains of Kavian. Thousands of NFTs where claimed by the brave adventurers who mined on Raccoon Brand land, including a whole collection of 1:1 Raccoons. From the Kavian tunnels, the space raccoons moved the the Eyeke seaside before vanishing. The folklore says that they ate all the pizza from Kavian, then organized a good bye party on Eyeke, before leaving the Alien World game. Trilium supercharged raccoons are roaming in the WAX ecosystem, waiting for new owners. 


The Raccoon Brand Online Shop is linked to the NFT world through themed t-shirts and wallets. The minimalist metal wallet is made of strong aluminium, and has RFID technology integrated in the card case. The slim wallet can hold up to 12 cards and is efficient against identity thefts. The RFID Blocking Metal Wallet measures 3.4" L x 2.2" W x 0.3" and has an integrated cash strap that can hold cash. 


The Raccoon Brand t-shirts are printed with the trending NFTs and are machine washable. The gaming design, nocturnal gaming theme and discrete sense of humor are added in the package. The snap closure caps are made of 100% premium cotton, with white embroidery on black fabric. "I paused my game to be here!" reflects the love for gaming.

The Raccoon Brand NFT project can be followed on Twitter and the NFTs are available on the AtomicHub market. This unique project shows how blockchain solutions can be integrated into businesses and marketing.


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