Trending in January: FARM, Bitcoin Black (BCB), Safe Pal, DeFiChain (DFI) and Coinpot

Trending in January: FARM, Bitcoin Black (BCB), Safe Pal, DeFiChain (DFI) and Coinpot

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 20 Jan 2021

The crypto market never sleeps and is no rest for the wicked! Trends come and trends go, as quick as Ethereum transactions (just joking ... they go much quicker). Is essential to catch the right ones and ignore the ones that have question marks, but I had a look at Bitcoin Black Airdrop, joined the SafePal round one and two of their SFP token, and have both my hands full of CakeDeFi! Chances are that something will come through!


FARM added as tipping option! You know it's something important when you see that Dan Bainbridge posted an article. I was surprised to see that FARM was integrated as tipping option, but happy to earn one of my favourite tokens from Publish0x. FARM will replace BAT, with a 37% chance for tipping. I assume you know about Harvest Finance auto compounding yield-farming, about the humble farmers and about #BreadForThePeople so I will skip the in-depth analysis. 

I keep (when the ETH fees are to high) my FARM on Metamask. From there I stake it straight in the FARM pool, where the APY is always over 100%. For me this is January's biggest news, and being a badass farmer, I can only be happy that my FARM stash will get bigger and bigger! 


Bitcoin Black (BCB) and the $36 Airdrop claim! Who doesn't like airdrops, especially if the claim form needs only the email address! I couldn't find more details about the airdrop but an email will be sent with a verification link and once verified the claimant is listed for the $36 airdrop.  A petition is available online, having nearly 75,000 signatures, asking for BCB to be listed on Binance.

Bitcoin Black to surpass Bitcoin! Get $36 worth of Bitcoin Black FREE!

But what is Bitcoin Black? It's a coin will be fairly distributed, fee free and with instant transfers. Is designed for mass adoption and daily tasks such as shopping bills or wages, aiming to replace fiat  money and to create a new monetary system. While trying to learn more, I found Alexander's article and his conclusions after reading the Bitcoin Black Whitepaper, which I recommend to those interested in the subject.BITCOIN-BLACK-FAVICON.png

SafePal and the second round of SFP airdrop. I was lucky to be quick enough for the first round thanks to CryptoSorted. The first airdrop was supposed to last 11 days but was "sold out" in about 8 hours. I managed to claim 165 SFP doing tasks, linking social media, recommending people and and holding crypto. When the set share was gone they announced that more airdrop rounds will follow and to follow the SafePal twitter. The SafePal app is backed by Binance and can store, manage, swap and trade over 10,000 crypto, from multiple chains, including Binance Smart Chain.64096969806036dbaa44a903b5584d62cc269438ee0ed6eb19ca474d444a5dc6.jpg

On the 12th of January, Round 2 was announced, with new tasks added every day. The last day to join the challenges will be 26th of January and the campaign will end on the 31st of January, at 23:59:59. To earn SFP tokens, users must trade and hold a set amount of tokens. 

Adding the ZNMNQ5 code will reward both with 25 SFP at the end of the campaign. The full list of tokens that award SFP tokens is: Binance Coin (BNB), CAKE, Trust Wallet Token, ONE, AAVE, Venus (XVS), AVA, 1INCH, Injective Protocol  ARPA, DigiByte, Bella (BEL), Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.5b915bf2de7a4c9a898aa321109f8636eb38cfd8e2996a7ca383e2c3740d0acb.jpg

ChainDeFi (DFI) and the CakePool. Everyone can now hold cryptocurrencies and put them to work at the same time. The platform is fully transparent and generates constant cash flow, that can be checked at any time. I joined CakePool after reading an article on Publis0x and took advantage of the new member offer and the referral, which awarded me $30 worth of DFI after my first deposit. The beauty with CakePool is that the deposit can be as little as one satoshi. The DFI reward will be staked for 180 days in the auto-compounding pool, adding value every week. Weekly email updates are sent.



When I decided to join CakeDeFi, the value of DFI was close to $0.60 and by the time I completed my registration, because of Christmas, the price already passed $1. I got just under 28 DFI from the bonus and now I have 106 DFI staked. Hopefully by June, both the value and the number of tokens will be enough to cover a summer break.

Coinpot and partners are shutting down! As you log into Coinpot, you will see two bright announcements, telling users that things are closing down and that backlog withdrawal is taking place. The main website and the seven will close over the next months, and users are advised to make the last claims and withdraw their balance. On the 31st of January the faucets will cease to operate. On the 28th of February the remaining functions, such as conversion and withdrawals will cease. As a result of increased withdrawals, the system is bulked and created problems on Coinpot. This created a backlog of pending withdrawals, so my advice is to rush the withdraw and clear the balance.

Coinpot was a faithful friend since 2015 and I am sad is shutting down but I can understand the admins. They stated that no longer have the time or the resources to maintain the faucets. Maybe some find it difficult to understand but Coinpot is running smoothly since 2014, and was run as a hobby. The current days are difficult and a platform as big as Coinpot cannot run at full capacity only from advertising. Before judging, think about server and hosting costs, and the billion of claims/day multiplied by 6 years.cc3651a2c21fc7d2c6eb5042edd729c4afab2791733d6550146c2e273c2621e8.jpg



Smoljanovic - Bitcoin Black Whitepaper conclusions

Dan Bainbridge - Farm integrated as tipping option

Residual Income:

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCashGlobalHive ZCash  & Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0xReadCashLBRY & Presearch

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