The Splinterlands Are As Hot As The June Sun 🌞

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 9 Jun 2023

I joined Hive for Splinterlands, and then slowly started to write articles. I discovered LeoFinance and other communities, but never engaged at full capacity. It took over two years to truly understand that the HIVE blockchain innovated gaming, social media and Web3!

Splinterlands was my gateway into HIVE, pushed by the desire to see the play2earn game that everyone was highly speaking. In few minutes I created my account and bought the Spell Book, and started my journey into the unknown!

Hive is a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain that hosts a wide range of dApps and tokenised communities. It uses $HIVE as digital currency, and has free transactions. The Delegated Proof of Stake is an alternative to the Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms for blockchains.

The game allows players to earn tokens and NFTs that have real value. Some Splinterlands cards are worth insane amount of money, and the demand will grow bigger as the supply gets lower. Splinterlands is the best place to enjoy NFT powered card battles, to trade and earn in-game rewards and have fun with friends. The game is available for both desktop and mobile phones!

Even if the $SPS value keeps diving... I keep earning and re-staking! I am earning more $SPS as staking rewards, battle rewards, brawl rewards and from treasure chests. I am approaching 2k SPS and I plan to keep adding more into my portfolio. 


I am doing my job and I always participated in governance! Will be pointless to have voting power and not use it for snapshots! I voted "YES" on both votes that were proposed lately, going for the change in the threshold for passing the pre-proposal stage and for a revamping the market! However, not everyone embraced the idea of 2% DAO royalty! 


My deck keeps growing month by month and I am getting closer to my personal challenge... opening 100 packs! The Splinterlands journey continued in May, with more brawls, treasure chests, packs and another glorious season!

I constantly upgraded my deck and the daily rewards are sometimes full of unexpected treasures. In the last two years I managed to get a decent pack, and get some gold foils on the way! The gladiator golden foil are extremely powerful, easily changing the outcome of a battle.

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I always struggle at the start of the new seasons, and in the first week I can't earn more than a chest or two! I keep grinding until I get a good run and then is when I approach Silver III. 

Took me a while to get a better daily reward, but when I've done it ...was a top bounty! Got Lobb Lowland and the Riverboat Captain from 7 daily chests. 

Lobb Lowland is as good as a boxer as Tyson Fury! The Lowland gorillas are highly intelligent, muscle-bound apes and formidable pugilists. However, Lobb was different ... bigger, smarter and filled with earth magic! The Riverboat Captain... is a captain of a riverboat and a caster with Blast! 


I usually save the battles that have a strange mix of battle-rules or that went against the odds! This time I am sharing a battle where I tried to get an early advantage by using the "blast rat"! 

This battle had only 15 mana cap and the Equalizer battle-rule, meaning that all monsters will start the battle with the same health. Boosts and buffs from summoners will be added after, so using Tarsa can bring an important advantage! 

Tarsa: +1 HP and +1 melee to friendly monsters

Exploding Rats: Boom Boom Rodents with Blast

Ant Miners: Real Tank with Scavenger

Scorch Fiend: Legendary Decoy 

Serpentine Spy: Melee with Opportunity

Xenith Archer: Ranged ... archer!


I had to fight an opponent that decided to boost the armor, and inspire the team with the Slivershield Knight. The rats hit and exploded, making some extra damage before being crushed by the Knight's horse hooves!

The armor point that my opponents had turned to be tricky, as my enhanced attack power was pointless. Round two started under the equality and diversity sign, with the battle still undecided, 


The tides of the battle turned in my favor, as every death made my Ant Miners stronger! The enemy threat was reduced once the Silvershield Knight was taken down, and the opponent monsters lost their melee boost. That chicken will get roasted with 11 herbs and spices... and the Serpentine Spy will me tonight's chef! 


It took a whole round to take down the Celestial Harpy, and the Feral Spirit was next on the menu! Was game over in 7 rounds, with hot and spicy wings as the sharer plate! 

What went well? I nuked the Silvershield Knight quickly and reduced the enemy fire power before it made too much damage. The Exploding Rats took advantage of the Equalizer rule and shielded the team until the Ants boosted the health.

However, I consider the Serpentine Spy the MVP of the battle! Once the armor was down... he was lethal. Constant hits came from behind, and 3 damage is a lot in small mana battles. See the full battle here!


Residual Income:

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Join Splinterlands!

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