The Splinterlands Academy - Lobb Lowland And Quora Are Holding Fighting Classes!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 15 Feb 2024

I celebrated three years of playing Splinterlands and my biggest achievement so far was reaching Gold ranking! Let's stretch it and say that opening 100 packs is also a thing that a casual player could brag about it!

Three years of daily battle built up my knowledge but ... can my experience help new players understand the basics of Splinterlands? I can only hope that my journey will help others fast-track their progress and turn them into seasoned veterans.


As Deckard Cain once said... Stay Awhile and Listen! Splinterlands  isn't just a game... it's a dynamic universe that has the potential to shape and transform lives. Is it the thrill of battles or the joy of collecting cards that kept you plugged to this amazing metaverse? 

What's in for the battle mages? An infinite challenge to become the best! Endless fights and opportunities to become a better battle mage! You try to create the most optimal 7-card deck, using your available cards, and fight against opponents.

More wins will bring a higher ranking and better prizes, as each won battle will count towards to end of season rewards. The players are rewarded with daily chests and season chests, with a chance for tokens, potions, cards, merits and even packs.

There is no better time to join, as the Rebellion is lowering the gap between OGs and new players. Each Rebellion pack contains five cards, with at least one guaranteed rare card. The standard price per pack was 5000 DEC, but I was able to spend VOUCHER tokens in order to receive a discount on the base price. Each VOUCHER token used reduced the price by 200 Credits / DEC and the maximum discount available using VOUCHER tokens will be 20%.

Buy packs, unwrap the cards and create better teams. You can also add your cards in War Wagons and build up chances for special cards!

Want to use your cards for ranked play or tournaments? No problem! The cards deployed in wagons cannot be traded, rented, or sold, but they can still be used in normal gameplay! 

The earned Contribution will determine how many chances you have to be awarded copies of the airdrop card for that Conflict, and this will be calculated when the Conflict is over. You will need Mage Wagons to deploy your Rebellion cards, the summoning stations that will manifest your battle cards even when you’re not physically present.

Each Mage Wagon increases the maximum allowable number of cards by 5 and total packs by 100. Please note that a new Conflict will begin immediately after the previous ends. Each wagon costs either 50 vouchers, 10,000 DEC, or 10,000 Credits... and cannot be transferred or sold

The War Wagons will remain in your account for all nine of the Rebellion Conflicts… and beyond! For the first conflict there are 4,000 copies of Rage allocated, and they will be airdropped to participating players based on their total Reward Chances when the Conflict ends. 

Not sure how is going for you but I managed to reach 10 chances for Rage, and will probably add two more until the Rage Conflict will end. I think it's too low to get one card and it's painful to see that I am still too small compared to the OGs.


Hopefully I will do better in the remaining eight Conflicts, as the cards from the War Wagons will continuously contribute to the war effort. The Contribution progress bar will constantly update the progression to the next Reward Chance, and the bar will reset when the chances will increase by one.

The Battle Mages can increase their Contribution and earn more Reward Chances by deploy more cards into the Conflict. More wagons equal more chances. 

The first in a series of nine Conflicts that reveal the part that you’ll play as the rebellion against the Chaos Empire unfolded with grace, and the Battle Mages will rage to accumulate points and unlock... Rage!

Each copy that you redeem has a 2% chance to become a Gold Foil, but the odds can be raised to 4% with 20 Vouchers. I currently have four wagons and three packs for the current conflict, reaching a 2,100 hourly rate. This is not enough!


Want to become a better player? Follow the Splinterlands account on Hive to be up to date with all the news. Join the art challenges and on-going giveaways to improve your deck and skills

Complete the weekly social media challenge for experience and community support, and make sure you follow some battle mages on Twitter. Social media is a good place to look for hints and advice, and why not win some packs or cards.

The community is the best place to learn more, and top intel is available on forums, Discord channels, and social media groups. When you win... you win! When you lose... you learn!

Here's another top lesson.... Lob Lowland and Quora Towershead are a power combo as strong as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in their prime! Lowland gorillas hail from the southern reaches of the Endless Valley in Praetoria’s Great Lowlands, and are highly intelligent, muscle-bound apes and formidable pugilists. However, Lobb made the difference, as he was able to harness and use the power of the Earth! 

Quora Towershead will one day be the last of her clan, but her family name will be remembered due to her celebrity as a gladiator. Her and Lobb are one of my power combos, and here's another proof of glory! 

Are you not entertained? You should be... because today battle will bring two gladiators against a wave of sea creatures. Gorilla Power for all, as my ape made all as fast as Barry Allen. Only 35 mana for this duel, but enough to create a deadly bloodlust team.

Lobb Lowland: +1 Speed & +1 Gladiator

Mycelic Slipspawn: Tank with Taunt

Quora Towershead: Caster with Heal & Bloodlust

Ketrelba Gobson: Melee with Double-Strike, Bloodlust & Sneak

Khmer Princess: Caster

Acid Shutter: Ranged with Scattershot 


I had to face Djinn Oshannus and the rage of the sea! Fins and scales from the Diemonshark and Deeplurker, some tentacles from the Kulu Swimhunter and even a cute Mandarin! 

The first round didn't go well, losing my tank, missing few hits and thinking that my army will shatter quickly. Quora took the tank duty and got ready to balance the fight! She healed herself, took down the Diemonshark with a fireball, had the bloodlust boost and then melee attacked Djinn Oshannus. Wait a minute? Is she always doing both attacks when in the first position? Never noticed this! 


Ketrelba Gobson will not be mentioned in the songs written after this glorious battle! She died without any achievements, but at least took a bullet for the team.

Wow! Quora hit twice! She will fire the magic first and then second that with a melee attack! I was still not sure that this battle will go well, as I was losing all my monsters. The Acid Shooter will be next, as he has a bullseye on his back! 


But then... Quora done some magic and took down the mighty Oshannus! Heal, double damage and then the bloodlust boost made her go to 9 health and 4 damage! 

And just like that... it all changed! Surprisingly... the Acid Shooter survived by hiding behind Quora! The enemy had only ranged units left, and this made me smell the win! Quora has become a beast, taking out enemies for fun! Ended the battle on high, with 17 health and 8 damage on both melee and magic! All Hail Queen Quora! See the full battle here


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