The Spinterlands Battle Mage Has Lost His Spark... And His Legendary Fren'

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 16 Jun 2024

Greetings Splinterlands Mages! It's time to try brand new dynamic strategies, fueled by rage and sparks of rebellion. Let's enjoy the Lost Legendaries ruleset, when as the name says... there are no legendary units available.

The legendary summoners are not affected by the battle-rule, and they can be used if the mana cap is generous. Lost Legendaries is one of the challenges that doesn't have a big impact on the team selection, specially when there's not much mana for team selection.


Let's agree on this... the legendary cards are game changers! I don't own many but I like to use them whenever it's possible. Legendary cards are like gems ... you use them to show that your are upper class! My most used legendary card is the Fire Scorcher, the zero mana Fire card and the perfect decoy! Unfortunately ... not today!

Having 28 mana for team selection is decent, and I went for the most deadly units I could get. I went for muscles and brute force, over-powered melees that will top the table. I prepared a tidal wave!

Kelya Frendul: +1 Speed & +1 Armor

Coastal Sentry: Melee with Double Strike

Deeplurker: Melee with Opportunity

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

Pelacor Bandit: Melee with Flying and Sneak

Ice Pixes: Caster with Flying


The strategy and team synergy was built for smashing. A tsunami was ready to hit my opponents! Strong melee hits, a double strike from the Coastal Sentry,then hitting behind the tank with sneaky attacks! The defense was set by the two flying monsters at the back, set to avoid attacks and delay the endgame.

The Ice Pixies were the first to fall, sometimes during the first round, due to an excellent snipe from the Death Elemental. The little creatures couldn't avoid that attack. I was facing a Death team with boosted armor and I had to overcome the reduction of HP given by Thaddeus. It wasn't easy but the plan worked!

Round two started with a sacrifice! The Coastal Sentry went kamikaze on the Cursed Windeku, and the monster has fallen! However... double strike means double thorns damage! The bard will sing about the Sentry's bravery!


We entered the endgame, and it didn't looked good! Took another ranged down but the opponent's armor kept delaying my attacks. Had to watch my Deeplurker being made sushi!

The tsunami I planned turned to be a muddy puddle! Finally the Pelacor Bandit avoided a hit, then another one ... then a third one! But it was too late! See the full battle here!


Sharing a lost battle left me a sour taste, but played 22 times for Lost Legendaries to show up. PVM doesn't give up so spent the Friday and Saturday waiting for the odd ruleset to show up, and it took only 19 battles this time.

It was time for a rumble in the jungle, with two boosting battle-rules on top of the legendary card restriction. All monsters to have upgraded health due to Equalizer, and Trample whenever an enemy is killed!

Mother Khala: +1 Health

Grimbardun Fighter: Melee with Shield

Time Meddler: Caster with Dodge

Venari Crystalsmith: Ranged with Heal

Meriput Magician: Caster with Heal

Djinn Renova: Caster with Strengthen

Anachron Bolter: Caster/Ranger with Headwinds


The plan was to keep the Grimbardun Fighter and the Time Meddler alive longer with the heal from two units, and the double health boost to increase their survival.

I was fighting against a strong melee team, and had to overcome the armor curse from Eternan Burne. It looked even before it started! I was dealing a lot of damage to Iidri Fyre, while my dwarf fighter was holding well!

Iidri was down, and the Grimbardun was kept at high health by the two healers. The enemies were targeting the backline, and the Bolter's demise came at the end of the second round!


The Dumake Orc fell quickly from my spells, but the Grimbardun Fighter had the same fate. My consolation was that he was taken down by Djinn Inferni and not by Chimney, avoiding a bloodlust infusion.

Djinn Renova followed, as the glass-cannon Sand Worm made another victim. Two more rounds passed and I could see the victory slipping away!


Then I felt like being back in the game, as I got rid of the Chimney threat and the Time Meddler dodged an attack from the Lava Launcher. But it was only a glimmer of hope, as the Meriput Magician was devoured by the Sand Worm.

The Time Meddler dodge ability got broken, and he got hit by all other attacks. The Venari was healing in vain, as the damage taken was beyond the holistic ability. Game Over! I was hoping to impress you with a win... but the tactic didn't worked as planned! See the full battle here!


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