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The Man of Tomorrow #4: Even more daily rolls for even better crypto micro payments

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 10 Jan 2022

There are 10 types of people, those whom understand binary and does whom doesn't. It is the same story with faucets, some will say that they are useless while others will gladly click to get a reward. Maybe you don't know but even the Man of Steel likes money!


What if I told you ... you can get crypto for free? If you are not into faucets, rolls and clicks... now is a good moment to hit that back button!


This #TheManOfTomorrow episode is a follow-up Daily Rolls for Crypto Micro Payments, where I explained how Free-Litecoin and  FreeBitcoin work. Those two are constantly adding a good amount of crypto in my portfolio, with minimal effort. In addition to the one above, I have a set of 9 websites that I use now and then... 


In my case, faucets always added some extra crypto to the monthly income and in the long term the value of what I farmed multiplied. My work involves staying on the computer or with the mobile in hand, so the faucet claim doesn't take anything from my free time. I have over 6 years of fauceting and the amount collected is above average. This story is about some new ones, added in my list in 2021, when I tested "FreeCryptos" for 7 days and got mixed results

I made an monthly average based on the 7 days earnings. The earnings were calculated with the lowest rolls, with one claim a day and no referrals, forecasting $1.15 per month. One year later it's time to change the fictional forecasting with stats. I should have even more but there were weeks, even months when I forgot to roll, or I couldn't be bothered to roll because I got logged off. The pages will stay logged in if you use the faucet at least once a day, which most of the time I don't do.

Ethereum ($ETH) - $208

Made the withdrawal cap in the summer and been lazy since then, adding 0.0152 since then. I blame the constant growth for ETH for my low efficiency! I am just joking as the 0.0652 I earned in 2021 is 208 dollars!


Binance Coin ($BNB) - $40

I withdrew 0.0576 at the start of the year and I collected 0.0319 BNB since then, getting closer to the 0.04 minimum withdrawal cap. The price surge made the grinding less efficient but the withdraw cap is still in reach. The good folks from FreeCrypto have a good habit to lower the cap when the value of a token grows too much so maybe the cap will be reduced again. With 0.0895 BNB, this one goes close to the top.


NEO ($NEO) $34.50

This one was added later then the others, and has some months to catch up. However, I was able to claim 1 NEO and to accumulate 0.338 since then. With NEO hovering around $25, the reward sums up to 34.50 dollars. 


Litecoin ($LTC)- $26.43

With 0.01 already in the wallet and only few rolls away from another withdrawal, Litecoin is one of the good ones. Still waiting for this one to take off, and maybe 2022 is the year when will happen!


Chainlink ($LINK) -  $23 

I withdrew 0.3 LINK in the past and 0.49 LINK now! This adds up to 0.79 LINK in one year, an amount opposite the the expectations of the LINK Marines!



Cardano ($ADA) -  $16.92

One of the efficient ones, with 10.05 ADA withdrew and 4.1 currently grinding towards a new withdrawable amount. I am still waiting, as everyone else, for Cardano to do anything memorable ...


Bitcoin ($BTC) - $16.48

One withdrawal completed in the summer and another one approaching. With 0.00018214 BTC collected up to date, I am a week or two away for another claim. One day, when BTC will reach $100,000 per coin, the 0.000383 will become approximately 39 dollars! LOL!


Tron ($TRX) - $11.13

This faucet was the most successful by numbers, with 6 withdrawals in total. Throughout the year I claimed 31, 29, 22, 13 and twice 10 TRX. At the moment I have 24 TRX and slowly heading towards a new claim.


The withdrawal cap for Tron was raised from 10 to 40 TRX during the summer and now I grind towards the target. Not sure what Justin Sun thinks about it... but I fell more and more that Tron has no future! 


DASH ($DASH) - $3.80
I had two DASH withdrawals and currently half way through the 3rd claim. The yearly DASH bounty is 0.026, one of the weakest results ever!


* the token value and claim reward value were calculated at the time of writing

One year of scattered rolls and not much interest towards faucet but the results are still noticeable. Thanks to the Ethereum reward, the numbers are looking even better then I thought, considering I was rolling once a day if I had time. With all of them added together, the yearly bounty in the 9 different coins, summed up to 379.26 dollars. I think DASH is a big disappointment but the rest had a good overall contribution.


Residual Income:

Create a Binance account

Join Splinterlands! 

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,  GlobalHive ZCash  &  Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0x,  readcashnoisecashLBRY & Presearch


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