The Man of Tomorrow #3: Daily rolls for crypto micro payments

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 26 Nov 2021

I shared with everyone glimpse of how I spend my "free time" and how I keep earning even when I am relaxing. I find it easy to mix nature walking and earning crypto by having everything integrated in a well-balanced daily routine. My monthly earnings from doing various activities when I am out and about is approximately $575 USD, from mining on AlienWorlds ($145), earnings ($124,44), Axie Infinity SLP ($213.18), Splinterlands total benefits ($65) and the $ZEC and $ZEN fountains ($27.81). Check and read: The Man of Tomorrow - Episode 1 : Nature, Walking, Fitness and Earning Crypto!


I am keeping active, writing and publishing about a wide range of subjects which made people wonder if I am human of an alien AI hybrid. To be honest I cannot confirm or deny any of the theories. However I decided to share some of my time management techniques and invited everyone to spend a day with PVM! By now I am approaching 600 days publishing streak. Check and read: The Man of Tomorrow #2: Time management in the Cryptoverse - Spend a day with PVM


Some were surprised I still do faucets! Does the #ManOfTomorrow do faucets? Are faucets still a thing, should take their part in crypto history or evolve into something better? 

I think I started doing faucets back in 2015 - 2016 and after few years the small amount of crypto turned into a decent value. However, most of them are just a waste of time, scams or they are set so reaching the withdrawal cap will be very difficult.  At the moment I have only few quality faucet and sometimes I don't even have time to claim them at least once a day. Two of them, Free-Litecoin and  FreeBitcoin are my top earning faucets, with a good referral system, bonuses and interest rewards, while the FreeCryptos ( DASH, Tron (TRX)Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), Binance Coin (BNB)LINKNEOBitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin) have the advantage of 50% reward from referrals.


Today I will expand the Free-Litecoin and  FreeBitcoin faucets, the ones that are constantly adding a good amount of crypto with minimal effort. This ones are earning me two top coins, and they have some unique features that stands them apart from common faucets.



Before I even go into how good this faucet is for me, the top rewards are given by the daily free spin on the Wheel of Fortune. This comes in the email newsletter from FreeBitcoin, and one you've made it all the way down you can click it and spin for a chance to win a Lambo, a Rolex or an iPhone. Not sure if this prizes are real but I won a top number of satoshi lots of times.


After the banner is clicked, the Wheel of Fortune will load and the spin will award a prize. The most common prizes are various amounts of satoshi or lottery tokens. They say a Lambo can be won, as well a Rolex watch... but never heard about winners. Depending on the market, I often won between 3600 and 5000 satoshi.


FreeBitcoin wants to build a strong community, and the referral bonus is helping out. I am being rewarded 50% value of referrals for every spin completed by my referrals. I accumulated 112 referrals and they added 0.00174 Bitcoin in my wallet.  


The 4.08% Annual Interest Rate for Bitcoin is attractive. The interest is calculated daily, at 0.01.09%, and added into the wallet. I got about a fiver in BTC interest mainly because I withdrew the Bitcoin whenever I reached the withdraw cap, instead of holding it on FreeBitcoin.


Reward Points (RP) are earned for every roll, from referrals and from the daily spin of the Bonus Wheel. The Reward Points can be exchanged for swag, items, gadgets, or for Bitcoin. I swap my points for BTC every 2-3 months, when I reach the 100k cap for the transactions. The exchange rate is 0.00000001 BTC per point. 


Swapped my Reward points for 0.001055 BTC, approximately $72 at the time of the transaction. I now have 0.003 BTC and feels like a good time to withdraw to my Celsius wallet


The minimum withdraw cap is 0.0003 BTC and I withdrew 0.0028 BTC because I wanted to keep a balance close to the cap. The transaction fee was only $0.20 but will be a slow one, taking up to 24 hours. Was nearly midnight in Friday when I confirmed my withdrawal and 8 hours later I had $164 worth of BTC in my Celsius wallet.



Roll to win, and win more if the number is higher. Bagged some big prizes while randomly asking for luck, and this faucet was one of the best methods to top up my Litecoin assets. The highlight and market advantage is given by the referral rewards, set at 50% of the value from the free-roll game. My total number of referrals is 374 and I earned 0.3515  LTC from referrals only since I opened my Free-Litecoin account.


The benefits for the users doesn't stop with the referral bonus, and a 10% interest rate is applied to the holding balance. Based on my Litecoin Balance, I am receiving. I am holding 0.183 LTC in here 0.0183 LTC will be the yearly reward. Time to top up my Celsius Wallet with a slice of Litecoin.


I withdrew everything and the transfer was sorted in 5 min. The withdrawal cap is set at 0.004 LTC and the network fee is minimal, only 0.001 Litecoin. I had 0.1922 LTC more in my bag, $41.93 when it reached Celsius.


Residual Income:

Join Splinterlands! 

PVMihalache Amazon Books

DeFi bounty at CakeDeFi with $30 DFI for new users

The fountains: PipeFlare ZCash,   GlobalHive ZCash  &  Get.ZEN

Publishing bundle: Publish0x,  ReadCash,  LBRY & Presearch1fe05337f6d05b1a5ab3233773eb6d5799c887d5c35961d473c7216c4798fe00.jpg

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