The blessing of Lady Vashj -Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 11 Apr 2021

Few days ago I was sorting my print screens folder and I found a picture of my overpowered Rogue from the good old times when I was playing World of Warcraft. My Forsaken was one of the best in the world gear-wise and I was raiding every week. Than I seen  the Splinterlands Weekly Battle challenge involved Nagas and the World of Warcraft throwback returned. 


The Outlands Expedition - Melcul's Diary

"The Outlands expedition was destined to fail. The Betrayer is not hiding in here, he is gathering an army. After being lost for weeks in Hellfire Peninsula, I finally reached the lush lands of Zangarmarsh. I survived the Fel Reaver because the huge metal monster can be spotted from miles away but in here other monsters are lurking in the shadows."


The waters around the Coilfang Reservoir are infested with hybrid creatures, half snakes - half humans. The Mushroom people said to avoid the cursed high elves, the loyal servants of Queen Azshara . They told me to avoid the Naga Warrior, the most skilled fighter in the marsh.


The Naga Warrior is an Alpha/Beta Epic melee monster which I didn't had in my deck. As usual, I had to borrow the card from Big Brother. The Naga Warrior costs 5 Mana and has 6 Health Points. With 3 Attack Power, 3 Speed and the Retaliate ability, this card can change a hard melee battle.


Battle rules and line-up

Close Range (Ranged can be used in first position) - 18 Mana Cap

Summoner : Bortus (Water) Gives -1 Spell Power for opponents monsters

Naga Warrior - Main Tank with Retaliate

Wave Runner - Secondary Tank with Reach

Furious Chicken - Just because it's free

Water Elemental - Spellcaster with Heal


The opponent team was chosen from the Fire Splinter, with the Lava Elemental as main tank and the Ettin Spearman as main damaging monster. The Lava Elemental was defeated in round two, and my Naga Warrior followed shortly.


Was just a matter of grinding for the Water Elemental and Wave Runner to take the Ettin down and win the battle. See full battle here! 

The tactic for the game was succesful, as the Naga Warrior survived enough to shield the Water Elemental to nuke the opponent monsters. The Wave Runner could hit from behind the Naga and deal damage. I will use the Naga Warrior more often, as the 3 damage from the retaliate can be a game changer.


After the Naga threat was removed from Zangarmarsh, my journey continued to new lands, in the search for the Black Temple. I WAS NOT PREPARED!


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