StakeCube advanced tutorial: StakeCubeCoin and how to register SCC to MasterNodes (VI)

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 15 Jun 2020


StakeCube claims to be the World's Leading All-in-One Crypto Ecosystem, and honestly the platform is amazing, offering so many useful tools in one place. I decided to create an advanced 10 parts tutorial, with each part covering in details one of the ten main tabs from the StakeCube menu: Wallet, Exchange, NodeCube, Shared Masternode, MineCube, StakeCubeCoin, Academy, Community, Gameplace and API.  

Part 1 : Wallet 

Part 2: Exchange

Part 3: NodeCube 

Part 4: Shared Masternode

Part 5: MineCube


StakeCube Coin (SCC) is a  p2p cash system with an independent block-chain, the native utility coin that powers the StakeCube ecosystem. The SCC has full integration and activates earn-drop programs and unique master-node registration functions. The coin is available on StakeCube and many third party exchanges and services. The project's goal is to become the predominant staking service in crypto space. The All-Time-High was reached on the 11th of May, at $1.54 USD, while the All-Time-Low was recorded on the 24th of February 2020, at $0.004745. 

On the StakeCubeCoin, any earnings are showed at the top of the page, along with the price chart and wallet information. Related websites and exchanges are on the left side, whole the pool stats are on the bottom of the page.42d3c1e3f7dc9559a4c8c3e6a3f364d40281505662ca498de1c7ae9e3c49fc87.png

The Overview page will show any bonuses obtained for the StakeCubeCoin, such as stake-free reduction, daily interest bonus, exchange-fee reduction and affiliate-rate bonus.b512b24702a4ad1105e5c202a92c7c095edf8080e6d2258115a7ee8337133dec.png

Pressing the "+" button will open a pop-up page where users can register to SSC Masternodes. The process is competed after the Masternode-Public-Adress and the signature completed, and the "Add Masternode" button is clicked829c846d5bc6376100af57b3d8c56216c46c44f9c2ab36a39c6ba920409b186e.pngThe bottom of the page contains rates bonuses obtained via team-bonus and the Academy Guide on how to register SCC to masternodes on StakeCubeda069b8eae8806905fa5cf059f0c0374901ca3c3390c15eecea126342bd67cb3.pngThe link to Academy will open a step-by-step .pdf document which will explain how to register SCC to masternodes:

1. Start your local wallet where you have set up your SCC masternode(s)
2. Navigate from the main menu to „File“ → „Receiving addresses“, select your (active and running) masternode in the new window (1) and click on the „Copy“-button (2) to save the address to your clipboard. Close the windows afterwards (3).9a07b1ebcba26473ead0f2564d9a1bf4dc02946a58941db1f0b3a7ff54d1dce6.png

3. Navigate from the main menu to „File“ → „Sign message“ and insert your SCC Masternode address (which you copied at step 2) into the first input field (1). Afterwards click on „Sign Message“ (2) and copy the generated signature (3). Important: leave the text-field for message empty! fbb4d4fe2f2187aaa877b2cc3dfd7f9fe7de53728994cdbb9c6e137970bf06d0.png

4. Browse to, log in and navigate to the SCC Bonus Program menu.
5. In the panel "Add new SCC Masternode": Insert in the first field your SCC Masternode address (1 – see step 2), in the second field the generated signature (2 – see step 3) and click on the "Verify Masternode" button (3). If the feedback field displays the message "MASTERNODE SUCCESSFUL REGISTERED", your masternode has been successfully inserted and you are starting to receive the bonuses!



StakeCube was giving the the opportunity to earn coins easily through different tasks. Besides getting a reward for your effort, users were helping to increase the value of SCC by actively contribution to the ecosystem and social channels. Unfortunately, the Academy writer earndrop is closed, and wasn't reopen on the 20.02.2019 as it stated below. It is still possible to write articles but they will only be saved as draft and cannot be published (yet!)ffcd8b2d21288322eea59393d83973c8be9ae1faead3e7f8569f8ccf44d70bea.png

The part  7 will  include the Academy, GamePlace and API tab, because is no need for an in-depth post for each, as their purpose is informational and recreational, and will not boost the portfolio. The 3in1 post will leave the Community tab to stand alone for the last part of the StakeCube Advanced Tutorial, and will analyse the community-coin-vote, community-feature-voting and the amazing faucets.

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Is StakeCube really the world's leading all-in-one crypto-ecosystem?

StakeCube Tutorial Part 1 : Wallet 

StakeCube Tutorial Part 2: Exchange

StakeCube Tutorial Part 3 : NodeCube

StakeCube Tutorial Part 4: Shared Masternodes

StakeCube Tutorial Part 5: MineCube

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