StakeCube advanced tutorial: Shared Masternodes (IV)

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 13 Jun 2020


StakeCube claims to be the World's Leading All-in-One Crypto Ecosystem, and honestly the platform is amazing, offering so many useful tools in one place. I decided to create an advanced 10 parts tutorial, with each part covering in details one of the ten main tabs from the StakeCube menu: Wallet, Exchange, NodeCube, Shared Masternode, MineCube, StakeCubeCoin, Academy, Community, Gameplace and API.  

Part 1 : Wallet 

Part 2: Exchange

Part 3: NodeCube 


Shared Masternodes

The Overview page will  show in details all the Shared Masternodes, sorted by token alphabetical order. The table contains the name of the token, balance and how much a node share will cost, if there are any available shares, how many shares the user owns and how many nodes are running.

76e1e6dd5c2c5a71ae79b8132b6c001f2c13a3253a3f1a13e68083674c20ce1d.pngc84a75861ff177b7cc21ec484a4673d8fc2f36e4a0455c1392fb87e857781ced.png2e5fd2ea54593040d90cfbba56b0e0e0b90cc5a45e0f3c905326c3210956ab94.pngfdac9f238e617ae3b4717c3950130179d240e4bfc5906fd3e97633ffb75f485d.pngBy clicking the 3 dots under the Action column, the MasterNodes options for the selected token will load. Bellow is attached the DASH Masternode page, and the price per share is 0.25 DASH. To buy shares, the user will have to press the Plus button. 

a5ad583067ab3d6b91cf10af7194893dec8aa0e610ed6cb1f6aa2bbbaa7f027c.pngMy DASH balance is lower than 0.25 so pressing the Plus button will make pop-up the "low balance" message. If the balance is above the share price, than the user can chose how many shares to buy. 44f3d983a38a16cb06831745593678e54ddb94eec2ae9dc934ec429210c8eeca.pngThe second example is on Altbet masternodes, where many Shared Masternodes are running but no shares are available. The user will be told that no shares are available, however, a queue order is set in place. Joining the share queue will reserve one share when a new Masternode will be opened. The number of shares or token pools is not limited, as long as enough tokens are in the wallet. 76994daf3edc4bbb477e79fbcf44822ff9f8829ea319b9367ee4064c55870c38.png

The 5th part of StakeCube Advanced Tutorial will cover the MineCube option, where users can buy hashrate and mine Bitcoin.


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Is StakeCube really the world's leading all-in-one crypto-ecosystem?

StakeCube Tutorial Part 1 : Wallet 

StakeCube Tutorial Part 2: Exchange

StakeCube Tutorial Part 3: NodeCube

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