Splinterlands Weekly Battle Challenge - Dragons, roots and fatigue

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 24 Mar 2022

Dragons? Did anyone said dragons? Another Splinterlands weekly battle challenge involving dragons is a reason of pride and joy, as dragons will always be the apex predator in any game, story or movie. Just shout "Drakaris!" and let your opponents feel the rage of the mighty beasts!


I think is the 4th or 5th time doing this theme and I enjoy it as much every single time. Ride your dragon to glory and dominate the Splinterlands!


I don't have too many dragons but all of them are hardcore. The Drake of Arnak is my only scaled summoner, adding the Gloridax Soldier, Serpentine Mystic, Naga Brute, Naga Assassin, Twilight Basilisk and Djinn Chwala to any other splinter.


The Djinn Chwala is by far one of the strongest cards I have. This reward monster has the stats to be the perfect tank, with 9 Health Points, 5 Armor, 2 melee damage, 2 speed and Roots ability on top. It will gain Enrage at level 4 and True Strikes at level 6. Drakaris Chwala ...Drakaris!


Today I am sharing two magnificent battles, Dragon-Water and Dragon-Death teams against two balanced Water Splinter teams.

Battle 1 - Water Dragons are real! With 99 mana cap was easy to select the top cards in my deck, making sure this battle will be a proof of strength!

Summoner: Drake of Arnak:+1 Armor to friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Main Tank with Roots

Flying Squid: Off-Tank with Reach

Djinn Oshannus: Caster with Void

Deeplurker: Melee with Opportunity

Sand Worm: Melee with Sneak

Axemaster: Ranged with Double Strike


The opponent choose the Water Splinter as well, resulting a duel between abyssal creatures. First view of the battlefield made me feel optimistic about the outcome. The Disintegrator was the first monster to fall in battle, crushed by the Djinn scaly roots!

Small lead for my army after the first round, and an even bigger lead after three rounds. Roots damage ... roots damage everywhere! The brave Djinn protected well his army, until finally was over-powered by another Djinn. Delivered some roots damage with her last breath!


The opponent Deeplurker was nuked, leaving only Djinn Oshannu against so many powerful monster. It was the Sand Worm who delivered the final blow of the battle. GAME OVER! See the full battle here!


Battle 2 - Dragons are cool ...Death Dragons are cooler! Death Dragons with Roots are the absolute measure of coolness! With 26 mana cap and no special battle rules, I opted for an extravagant tactic... with 2 tanks with Roots.

Summoner: Drake of Arnak:+1 Armor to friendly monsters

Djinn Chwala: Main Tank with Roots

Cursed Windeku: Second Tank with Roots

Life Sapper: Caster with Life Leech

Silent Sha-Vi - Melee with Sneak


The opponent choose the Water Splinter and a strategy based on supporting a dodgy Serpent of Eld with heals and armor recovery. I realized that this will gonna be a long fight! It took three rounds for the "first blood", and unfortunately it was my Life Sapper who fell. Sarcastically ... he fail to leech life!


By round five I managed to take down the Deeplurker but the Serpent of Eld was a hard nut to crack. It kept healing, dodging and getting the armor up. Djinn Chwala fell dealing a last roots damage!


Round seven and it's Windeku in action, with extra roots damage. Finally no more armor rebuff as the Silent Sha-vi ... silently took down the Scavo Hireling. It's just a matter of time until I will sort out the annoying Serpent of Eld.


And it finally happened! After 9 rounds of struggle the Serpent is down, being hit by the roots of a dying Windeku. Time to clear the table and claim the win!


It took 21 round to win this game, as the Guardian kept healing and healing. But then fatigue dealt the final blow, when everything become boring. It was the first time I seen Fatigue in action, after one year of playing Splinterlands. See the full battle here!



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