Splinterlands Remarkable Moments: Harbringer of Chaos And New Targets For 2024

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 23 Feb 2024

The Splinterlands online collectible card game on Hive is currently the only play2earn Dapp that survived the purge. I stopped playing everything else, due to various reasons. Cards are ready to be unwrapped from packs or to be bought through third-party online marketplaces.

Why is Splinterlands special? Blockchain technology helps players to own their cards as non-fungible tokens. The battle mages will use their deck to battle others and earn rewards. The game keep raising the standards when it comes to blockchain gaming.

I love to share my Splinterlands remarkable moments and my epic battles, as this will help the future battle mages in their play2earn journey! My greatest success so far was to open 100 Chaos Legion packs, nevermind it took me almost three years!

I started in March 2021 and completed the goal just before Valentine's Day! Why I believe opening 100 packs was such a remarkable acheivement? Because wasn't able crafted anything extraordinary, I don't have too many legendary cards and I am just a casual player!

However, when this goal was reached ... I set new targerts for 2024! I now want to open at least 25 Rebellion packs, and reach at least 5 War Wagons during the newly Conflicts phase! Are your ready to join me in this journey?


The Splinterlands Conflicts are shaking the world and allowed the players to deploy their Rebellion cards to support the war effort. The more Rebellion cards you deploy into War Wagons...  the greater your contribution to the cause. Want to use your cards for ranked play or tournaments? No problem! The cards deployed in wagons cannot be traded, rented, or sold, but they can still be used in normal gameplay! 

You will need Mage Wagons to deploy your Rebellion cards, the summoning stations that will manifest your battle cards even when you’re not physically present. Each Mage Wagon increases the maximum allowable number of cards by 5 and total packs by 100. Please note that a new Conflict will begin immediately after the previous ends.

You can purchase up to 200 Mage Wagons at a time. Each costs either 50 vouchers, 10,000 DEC, or 10,000 Credits. The Mage Wagons cannot be transferred or sold, but they’ll remain in your account for all nine of the Rebellion Conflicts… and beyond! Maybe additional use cases will be added in the future... who knows?

There are 4,000 copies of Rage allocated for the first Conflict, and they will be airdropped to participating players based on their total Reward Chances when the Conflict ends.  The new system may push the total number of copies beyond 4,000 as there are additional cards to be given to every 200 Reward Chances earned by players. Each 200 chances accumulated will guarantee a Rage card so go fill those Mage Wagons!  

I like to think I've done well so far, with 14 chances accumulated with only few hours to go. There is no guarantee that I will find Rage, but it's place to grow for the next conflicts!


I set a new challange for this year, and opening 25 Rebellion packs should be easier than the previous target. I had two packs bought during the presale, and I will try to buy at least 3-4 packs each month.

I opened my first pack last week and it was a treat! Two rare cards and three common ones in the first unwrapping. Argarux Magus and the Pirate of the Eight came to stay, and their aid will be useful for the battles yet to come.

According to the lore, the Argarux Magus is part of the onyx orcs whose settlements span the western foothills of the Daigenloft Mountains and stretch into the caverns of the Upper Daigendark.  They are fiercely territorial and often at war with other splinters that encroach upon their borders and if war doesn’t find them... they expand their borders until they find it themselves.

Theirs is a culture of conflict and bloodshed, and there is no greater honor than to fight and die in battle. The magi of the tribe are no exception. They often stand near the front lines and unleash wild bursts of magic, each fallen foe fueling their furor. Worth mentioning that the Argarux Magus gains Bloodlust at level four? Bloodshed guaranteed! 

According to the lore, the Pirates of the Eight are an infamous crew of pirates led by Captain Corin Drace, who commands eight fleets totaling nearly seven-hundred ships. They are the bane of the three seas of Praetoria, sailing its coasts and raiding the merchant and trading ships that carry goods from one port to another.

They can found in practically every port, where they take what they want from the ships in the harbor before heading to a local tavern to have a good time! Blast and Reach from level one brings havoc into the battle.


Here's the second pack, with juicy rewards! What started with a common card ended with a legendary Daarg Deadblast, plus a golden foil Yak and an epic Redwyrm Hatchling in-between. As Barney said: Legen... wait for it... dairy! 

The yak has a bony plate on it's forehead that serves as both armor against predators and a blunt weapon for defending the herd. But will the furry beast be able to defend against a Redwyrm Hatchling with Aim True? The hatchlings will learn to kill before they can even fly, as their mother or father will bring them live prey.

According to the lore, Daarg Deadblast fought his way up the ranks of the Drybone Anarchists to become the chief advisor to the Eternan Brune. His cunning, relentlessness, and predatory instincts make him both highly valued and highly suspect by even the Sultan himself. Why? Because Daarg finds both opportunities and risks, and he subtly navigates them to further his own ambitions.

Weapon Training and Swiftness from level one, plus Triage and Dodge earned through leveling! Daarg will laugh while boosting his army towards victory and glory. It doesn't feel like an expensive card either! 


The third pack was strong as well, with one Grimbardun Fighter and a Nimbledook Scout, plus one golden foil, one epic and the rare Anasth Soothsayer. This creature swim the northern coast of Praetoria, seeking anything that may be of value and could be sold for profit.  The masterpiece of the pack was the Harbinger of Chaos, an epic Life unit that starts the battle with Divine Shield.

Golden Foil Brewmaster Abraxas can use level three commons and both rare or epics at level two, boosting the power of the team! According to the lore, he's the proprietor of the Coiled Chalice, using his knowledge of herbalism and the arcane to craft alcoholic concoctions! He offers hope and someday soon will lead the stand against the Chaos Empire! 


The three packs I opened so far took me to 12% of the target, and more remarkable packs will follow! You know what else is remarkable? The Harbinger of Chaos that I just pulled out from the pack!

Even if orcs are renowned for their martial prowess and formidable strength, the Harbingers of Chaos are able to use raw magic to obliterate their enemies! In Praetoria’s increasingly tumultuous political environment... obliteration might be the only recourse! 

I knew this battle will be remarkable from the second I seen that triple combo of weird but wonderful battle-rules. Silenced summoners so no boost from them, and a strange synergy given by Keep-Your-Distance and Weak Magic.

I went for a ranged and magic combo as melee weren't available for selection, and a dynamic that put focus on armor repair. The magic will hit armor before health, and keeping the armor up could be the secret key.

Turtle Summoner: Cheap and no boost!

Time Meddler: Tank Mage with Dodge

Harbinger of Chaos: Caster with Divine Shield

Djinn Renova: Caster with Strenghten

Adelade Brightwing: Caster With Repair and Flying

Prismologist: Ranged with Blast

Pelacor Arbalest: Ranged with Double-Strike


I had to fight against a team that was build around Iziar, which will taunt all attacks and take half damage from spells. He will get a stats boost once the Venari Marksrat will fall, becoming stronger.

The War Pegasus was there to shatter my armor, but my team was too diversified to care about such a minor threat. The Time Meddler was ready to dodge some of those ranged attacks, and keep his team safe from harm.

He didn't doge any attacks and triggered the Venari Martyr, but at least his armor was repaired by Adelade. He did better in the second round, dodging the Pegasus attack before he was taken down by the Supply Runner.

This was the time when the Harbinger of Chaos came into the spotlights. His divine shield absorbed one ranged attack, then weakened Iziar for the the Prismologist. The blasting attack was Iziar's demise, and some damage also reflected on the Time Mage!


The chaos was unleashed when the Harbinger delivered a deadly spell upon the Gargoya, and the stone devil shattered in thousands of pebbles.

The War Pegasus was harmless in the first possition, and was soon part of history. The lonely Supply Runner was the last on the hit list, and the Harbringer made sure to prepare him for afterlife.

The spell took the Supply Runner to one health, and the Prismologist sealed his fate. The Harbringer survived the battle, thanks to the Divine Shiled and his bravery will be sung by bards! See the full battle here!


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