Splinterlands Governance, Splintershards ($SPS) Token Distribution and the Chaos Legion

Splinterlands Governance, Splintershards ($SPS) Token Distribution and the Chaos Legion

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 24 Oct 2021

Splinterlands is the top Play2Earn blockchain game of the year and the Splintershards (SPS) will take it to new highs. The Splintershards are the official governance tokens that will allow holders to decide the directions where the game will go, giving certain levels of decision-making ability and control over the new developments. 

The $SPS holders will have their say in the future of the game, will gain access to promotions and will receive extra rewards. The Splintershards airdrop is one of the best I ever seen, being spread for a whole year... 365 days of $SPS distribution! 


As everything in Splinterlands, there is a story behind the shards. The Wizars' Council used their mysterious power to control and alter the fabrics of space and time, morphing reality as they desired. When the Wizards' Council disbanded, the Splintral scholars started to unwrap many secrets, including the use of Splintershards. The massive deposits of the the until now unknowns rock was distributed all over the Splinterlands, and enough shards will grant godlike power. 

Splinterlands players will earn Splintershars depending on the collection power, Dark Energy Crystals ($DEC) holdings and LPs, card packs, land plots, and Splintertalk tokens ($SPT). The daily drop will be added in the account until claimed. Few weeks into the airdrop, I had staked all 186 SPS received. At that point I was accumulating 43 SPS per week, 5.777 tokens as staking rewards and 37.697 tokens from the daily Hive points drop.


The SPS airdrop was linked to the launch of the Chaos Legion, and the trailer just came out. Basically everyone wants to grab the bounty and the splinters are ready to fight against each other, until the darkness starts spreading. Seen this before in World of Warcraft and fighting the Void and the Old Gods will always bring corruption and devastation.

Is not late to join Splinterlands, as this play2earn blockchain game will keep evolving and expanding, unlike Alien Worlds or RPlanet. What I like the most is the ever-changing gameplay mechanics, which avoids repetitive actions and boredom. 


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Join Splinterlands! 

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