Social Media Impact Experiment: Which platform promoted Bybit better?

Social Media Impact Experiment: Which platform promoted Bybit better?

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 28 Sep 2020

Few days ago I published ByBit - The fastest growing derivatives exchange , explaining about the Bybit features and how the team followed the vision to create an innovating crypto derivatives exchange. Today I wanted to share the results of my experiment regarding social media impact on various platforms. The video I created was uploaded on Youtube and LBRY.TV, while the article was published on Publish0x and Read.Cash, and shared on Twitter. Which of the above has the biggest impact when it comes to sharing information?

Will be hard to create a formula which can compere all platforms, because all have different features and ranking systems. However, will be easy to show why one is better than the other, or why a platform is suiting me better than the competitor.

Youtube: For me Youtube is the place where I can find videos, tutorials and funny cats videos. I don't post so often, I don't promote my channel, and I have only 16 followers. When searching on Youtube, you will be shown the results with the closest result to your keywords, and any posted video can become viral if users are liking the content. Since posting, my video had 35 views, 4 likes and few comments. I could say I am doing much better in here, as my channel has 350 followers. In reality is the opposite, as on LBRY you have to receive tips and likes to earn LBC. Even if I have a big number of followers, my video had only 41 views in 5 days, and no tips, comments or likes. Even if the LBRY team is saying that the decentralized platform will take Youtube's crown, the reality is that Youtube is still light-years ahead.

Publish0x: The article was published on the 24th of September, and in 5 days made some waves. Nearly 3 thousand views, 77 likes and $3.23 generated from tips made it clear that the article was appreciated.9f9de6fa502d4efd25df9a12c464352a3eb03dd2835cb198fa5ed721ad958499.png

Read.Cash: The Bybit derivatives exchange was published on 25th of September. Since than the post had 8 views, 3 likes and a$0.05 tip from the reward bot. I blame RC strange way of posting, with no tags and with the post going live only on a chosen community, after the admin approval. The Bitcoin Cash wallet is created automatically, but users are warned to avoid holding more than $20 as "bugs" can make the wallet unstable. That made me worry!

Twitter is unique! Any tweet can reach any corner of the planet. In modern days, Twitter has expanded from the social media, and has become a learning platform, the quickest way to keep up to date with news, a recruitment portal and the best way to promote/buy/sell assets. 

Social Impact awards

Youtube topped Lbry by miles, showing that hundreds of followers are useless compared with global use and 2 billion users. 42521af55a735f7b137eacb38827c7ed1b51907ab73c895851a3da1cea19bd7f.jpeg

Publish0x is and will always be my favourite. Giving a try to ReadCash made my understand that creating a strong core of followers can be achieved only by being good and consistent. Quality will always top quantity. Friends and followers will appreciate your content better than a robot which randomly awards tips. Moving on earnings, I will always prefer Ethereum, Loopring and BAT instead of Bitcoin Cash, even with the current gas fees.24635e16d4081d7adb31d9a257ef2302b5a60d996fdde0113be1fc474b6fe6d2.jpeg

I am not a Twitter legend, with thousands of followers, having only 68 friends, which I gathered since 2015. However, a simple post had an excellent impact19d5da57378d31e4b09f106453356c5a51c5b28cf3f113d124774c7bd8865736.jpeg


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