Sarcasm Saturday #5 - The night is dark and full of terrors

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 6 Aug 2022

The night is dark and full of terrors but the Cryptoverse can be a realm of nightmares when all the bad things happen. I nearly moved along after the Celsius drama but it looks like you are never safe in crypto. Nomad Bridge got hacked, and more people hack it after the initial hack .... which makes me think how poor designed was the protocol! 


New day, new nightmare ... Solana got hacked, Phantom Wallet got hacked! I do hope that the Solana phones will be more secure! If you are the average guy that invested in crypto, you are THE TARGET! Everyone wants your money, like zombies hungry for brains!


Speaking of terrors! Happy to see Byron being active again on Pox! Check Coffee on Ko-Fi to see what he's brewing now!


Lost my life savings ... again! But I made a "To Do List!" that helps me overcome the depression! It's starts with overthinking, then calculating how much I'd have if I invested 3 years ago (or if I kept the 3 Bitcoins I sold for peanuts) and ends up with FOMO and crying. Sometimes involves aping into shitcoins but that's what we all do! 


Sometimes is good to have a positive image, and think highly about yourself! However, life is about perspective! You might think you're a lion but to some people you're still a dick!


How's your life? What kind of life you're living right there? When the time comes are you able to make the difference between Hell and Heaven?


The constant hustle made me think that one day my brain will implode and I will go loco! Sometimes I'm worried about my mental health but sometimes I play the cloud game on purpose! Have you seen that cloud that looked like Jesus holding the Bitcoin logo?


One of my nightmares is the day that has only 24 hours. Can't physically finish my tasks in such a short time. I spent 6 hours and 5 minutes per day on the mobile, in week 29, a week filled with Covid-19. The week's top used apps where Chrome (with 16 hours and 24 minutes), Discord and Facebook Messenger! 


I am trying to be active but sometimes I don't have the time. Don't give me that BS from personal trainers, that we lose so much time complaining about lack of time instead of doing something, because you have no clue how's my life. However, went for a recovery run and 3.10 km in 20 minutes. This was my first run after my hamstring injury.


WAGMI bros! We all gonna make it! Look at me... after all the years of hustle and hard work I could afford this coffee!


To add more stress to the daily hustle, looks like Brave Rewards cannot be verified in my region. Sorry what? You don't do brave rewards on Tatooine? That's ridiculous!  


My beacon of hope is the positive feedback I get from others, and seeing Dave the OG mentioning me in his article was heart-warming. Thanks David  you OG Dawg for the kind words and constant support. He still remembers that time when he beat me in a P0x writing competition, even if I consider he should have done that many times before. He also has nice words for Felix top writing skills.


Speaking of Felix and crypto terrors, he got his Twitter account cloned and the scammer choose me as a target! Even is I was blind to ignore the obvious mistakes such as "1look" ... I knew from second one that this account is fake. Everyone knows that my fren' is a freedom fighter like Han Solo, and he doesn't need a team to boss the Cryptoverse! 


However, I decided to play a bit and was disappointed that Tatooine is not having more respect from scammers. Also I would expect a decent scammer to stop any further discussion with someone that holds MILF, Cummies and DOGE! 


Always be careful who you let in, no matter if it is your house, life, soul or even email or wallet! Keep your seed phrase safe and 


Found this pseudo-poem in my FB memories, looks like I had the skills since 2011! I am painting words and sounds with a broken brush! The voices in the paintings are shouting but who's listening? Color your life, but why you paint it in blue? Why you add red in your eyes, black in thoughts, purple under the eyes and grey in your soul? Well... this is how 2022 made me feel! 


If you can't beat them... join them! This is why I decided to become a scammer! I ordered a book called "How to Scam People Online" from Alibaba, but it didn't arrived yet! Think will never do!


If you like football and Football Fantasy, you can show-off your skills in the Club1BCH league and win $BCH at the end of the season. Check Club1BCH and KONRA Fantasy Football 2022-2023


Big Round of Applauses for the England's Women Football team for winning the European Championship! Well done Lionesses!


I am happy that the Sarcasm Saturday got some traction and has already loyal fans. If you just discovered my latest social experiment, check the previous ones!

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