RPlanet - Alchemy and the wait for the promised Play2Earn

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 26 May 2022

I wrote few times about RPlanet, a game involving NFT staking, alchemy and a play2earn engine. The whole saga started in December 2020, when RPlanet offered NFT staking for TribalBooks, Blockchain Heroes and GarbagePailKids (GPK)

I staked some of my precious NFTs and earned a fair amount of aether. I then waited for the official launch, befouled by the promises of an innovative game. 


RPlanet Evacuation stage went live on the 16th of January 2020, a failed party. I was looking forward to what turned out to be a glorified alchemy game. Had many tries to start playing but got too many failed transaction to remember. Few hours later it finally worked, and I burned so much aether as no mixing guide existed in the early days.


Even without an Alchemy book, I managed to mix it right, and discovered few new elements. I was one of the first to create Plant and received limited edition NFTs.


The best part of the limited edition NFTs was the amazing hourly reward, nerfed in time as everything on RPlanet. I got angry when they started nerfing the staking rates, just to sell their packs. The mining power was decreased four times to make the tools more efficient and give advantage to those who paid. Such a shameful move. Sold 20,000 for 53 WAX and stopped caring! 


RPlanet didn't fail to fail in the next months, as the money driven pig didn't care about the players. More tools, more packs and land were added, while the mining power was decreased again. I decided to keep milking the cow and use RPlanet as a way to earn residual WAX. Every two weeks I swapped my accumulate aether and getting WAX to stack for AtomicHub rewards.


Was a good tactic, considering the fall aether took. It went from nearly 1 WAX per 10,000 aether to 1 WAX per 300,000 aether, and even if the game is still up and running... it smells like a rugpull.


With millions of aether in the bag and a clear Alchemy book, I decided to use my existing elements to make better ones. I went across the 4 seas to discover the Ocean! What will be my next discovery?


Now I am unsure if to sell the limited edition NFTs or to keep them. They are lucky I am a stubborn collector and I love low mints. Wouldn't sell that mint #1 Energy, even if $245 is so tempting! Maybe I could spare some Dust! 


I mixed elements more then Captain Planet, playing the Alchemist like Paulo Coelho. I reduced the holdings to only three complex elelments:


Another annoying update is the ... bla bla limit

I always forget to claim and I have to raise it again, losing aether in the process. It's annoying because the Claim Limit will start decreasing once the amount of mined aether matches the set limit. The only option is to raise it or lose some of the mined aether.

062bfb1caf9a8acc86741d034dceb59143cfe3550df0a437ddc2d191580241d0.jpgf writing, 18 months after the launch, I collected x aether and probably sold about the same amount. The current value is...


Funny enough, upon checking my AETHER stash, I discovered I have many other tokens in my WAX wallet! I knew about the DUST, as I was getting it from Byron's telegram group, but had no clue I had others. NER for staking Trilium on Neri was easy to get but what is MST and CWL from Metatoken or GUILD?


Residual Income:

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