RPlanet offers NFT staking for TribalBooks, Blockchain Heroes and GarbagePailKids (GPK)

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 31 Dec 2020

I since I got hypnotized by the amazing NFT world 

I discovered the amazing NFT world in September, later than many others, but since then I started collecting and learning about NFT's and their over-growing influence in the crypto ecosystem.  I went into full pokemon mode and started to "catch'em all!". My collection grew bigger and bigger, adding plenty of Banano and Periodic Table NFT's to the WAX Wallet.  To spice up the things, I drew and created a hand-made Harvest Finance Tractor with a writing style matching the farming theme. The Harvest Finance NFT is available on Rarible, and I gifted many to friends or giveaways.  

At the end of November. I took part in the Tribal Books quest and received 3 NFT's for the upcoming card game. This made me do my homework and see what Tribal Books is about. Tribal Books is an online digital collectible NFT card game, free to play for everyone. The players will compete using cards and magic forces, as a turn base duel. The cards will be combined in a deck before the PvP battle. The NFT cards and a good strategy will decide the winner.8a30c387eb5fbdaddda5986de597e4b99242d046c08c8908ab46dafd706e0ddc.jpeg

After doing a fair share of research and reading, I become a Tribal Books fan. I bought a booster pack in addition to the 3 NFT's rewarded by the quest, and got more cards to create a strong deck, once the game is live. The deck will be created from the cards a user owns plus the basic cards. As similar to Hearthstone, the cards can be common, rare, unique, epic, legendary and mythic, and to use a card, the player burns energy points equal to the card cost. 

My Tribal Books cards were sitting on WAX, doing nothing, until I seen an announcement about RPlanet, a game which will let you stake your NFT's and get rewards. Tribal Books and Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) were the initial projects added on RPlanet. b831cb4ed7a22e472145b4e1863001811cfd6be53ca8baade51d93499f0d1d8b.jpeg

Rplanet website looks nice, and I will definitly give it a try when is out. I hope that the huge amount of aether I farmed will help me to start the game in style.6ee5f080152a42c5e92287d1d19cf6e80143b03be78005fb3f0ea9f332cc7f99.jpeg

I wasn't sure how genuine and legit is the project so I've done some digging. As the project was backed by collaborations with WECAN and CryptoLions, this detail was enough to made me trust RPlanet and stake my NFT's. As the announcement was few minutes fresh, not a great amount of info was available, so I initially staked only the common cards.4469bfdce999d0e73ed7b036e00152115ee02c29f22ccb138bff4356b477f7f0.jpeg

For two weeks only, the mining speed was set to x5, so the reward was five time bigger than what will be in 2021. For every NFT staked, aether will be mined. Aether is defined by RPlanet as "the substance that fills the space" and it's required for the "propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational forces". From this definition it is clear that the game will be set in a futuristic space world. The aether will be used to create elements on RPlanet, and the elements will be used to craft NFTs. 5cfb82490d11433cd794306092e7eb37e50e91f4f754a3265c8e6adf533ddc07.jpeg

The game genesis page gives more hints about how the things will look. The background story will be about a civilization that lost their home planet and now they are looking for a new home. This civilization struggled throughout history, highlighting, escaping and getting forgotten, but never abandoned hope. The "generator" will probably generate aether, which will help to build the new home. The three parts highlighted in the intro are the escape, the colonization and the conquest. This game will also be about revenge, as "we owe it to those whom we've had to leave behind. We have time now. And we have a plan" sounds as a well detailed plot. 98814c618caf63af253f2d74f447fc108c61af2c6cd392d1b368b205885f48c9.jpeg

I ended up staking all my 28 Tribal Books cards, and the hourly reward was 1150 aether. The reward can be claimed every hour, but will accumulate continuously, without a maximal limit. 26cab808289f0674ca4510d2ab7524b06a3e0878de97efe7ce456846aca9fbbf.jpeg

The stake reward will be different, as per the quality of the cards. For common cards, the reward will be 2,000 aether per hour.71e72641266092a3529578e3e3161bf358169119782b9c82cd21e23fce698a41.jpeg

Rare cards will reward 6,000 aether per hour, triple than the common cards.22323f5482c429bf97f0ea43bbd6de074f63a5efa813755dd7a009527a7dac5b.jpeg

As we advance through the ranks, the reward gets bigger and bigger. Unique cards rewarded 20,000 aether, epic cards 30,000 and Legendary cards no less than 50,000 aether per hour.229860733d6e7d4425d049a1fbe6d2ce09e0d32391f13dbe05e8c95dd280b879.jpeg

The enhanced x5 reward will end up tonight, but more updates are planned for 2021.b1de197649516d21c5e7ce2aeb1650bc10fe1303c01c5fc7fbfa5a53f8ea4e9e.jpeg

As a last bonus for 2020, Blockchain Heroes NFTs were added for staking, with x5 reward as well.85bceaa6f39c2ff9115f0ffbcd7e6370ac02c9d6fd5e39026babe8f9324146d7.jpeg

I've got this Electroman slacking on Wax, from a giveaway, so I added him on RPlanet. At the moment I gathered 271,980 aeter, and I hope will be enough to craft few NFTs. Looking forward to see how the game will look. Are you keeping your NFTs to do cobwebs or put them to work? c2c27195794637dcde654b03f7eccdf91c9bc2c871075940e20241f25e755a59.jpeg


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I got hypnotized by the amazing NFT's world

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