Portfolio 2020 Update: I see you alone ... and a lot of Sh*tcoins!

Portfolio 2020 Update: I see you alone ... and a lot of Sh*tcoins!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 5 Jan 2021

Many years ago, I went to a fortune telling session. The gypsy mystic told me that my future is disturbingly sad!ca47893c9e85c9a935dbab081381b3199a7d2c2e66dacfdb084a3180629be62e.jpeg

This is how the story of the shitcoin symbiot begins. This alien creature slowly took control of my wallets and infested good crypto and than used mind control to make me invest in all kind of shitcoins. It's hard to admit, but I am addicted to shitcoins!76af592deccff4a55fd401f79f7a8abcaaa3b2df710745654c4102d520d4fc95.jpeg

Do you remember the shitcoin bonanza from MyEtherWallet? That's a small share of the shitcoin bag, in fact, Santa is jealous on my bag, because is bigger than his. Maybe because I got HARD?


Let's start with the Binance Spot Wallet, where Siacoin is number one with 1696 tokens collected from the now dead and buried TheCryptoFaucet. Skipping ALPHA and Loopring, and stopping at Nexus (NXS). I won 100 Nexus with a drawing and I believe this one has potential! I am delusional or I have a 6th sense? Serum (SRM) was bought as a DeFi FOMO, and at one point I had the chance to sell for a 300% profit but I decided to wait more for a bigger return. Now I break even if I sell it!


Part 2 is dedicated to tokens farmed through the Binance Launchpool, therefore they were free.  HARD is one of my favourite tokens (for memes and jokes). Value wise is not great, same thing  can be said about WING, Bella (BEL) and CertiK (CTK). Shall I dust them all in Binance Coin (BNB) or wait for the altcoin bull run? Since I drafted this article, I discovered PancakeSwap and some of the below tokens were moved in there to be used as LP.46c8b1b861009f9dffdd2ea95ca5850fe377e136413a4da9927f0ff01e879806.jpeg

Binance Savings is the place where the fossils are resting, with Cardano, IOTA, NEO and VeChain. Ring! Ring! 2016 is calling to get his tokens back!f53d3be7cfdd7efef915afe194f9215c288382cc2cf3f382aa9c2fe0e5485b76.jpeg

Let's move on to Atomic Wallet and the shitcoins I hoard in there! Now I am sure Renan will tell me that ALGO is top and not a shitcoin, and the opinions about AWC will spark a debate. Thomas will send AWC straight into the crypto-bin but you know what? All my AWC stash is made for free so I am not so bothered. If will ever reach $2 again, I will sell all and buy stable-coins. ELF is top and I love Aelf block-chain so lets move on to Share Token (SHR). I've got this one from an AMA and has usage in travel, holiday, etc. Keep it or bin it? Does Verge (XVG) has any utility in 2021?044b4e37c9da83d687aee696f251771a011422d9e886bc81bd8baef783184645.jpeg

Coinbase is a place of wonders, where some of the Coinbase Earn tokens are waiting for me to decide if they will worth something in the future! Orchid looks nice for the development of privacy and Celo has real usage for mobile technology.f8fdcfa919c6dcb0db50bb2d51265c494dddc85d45779da887ef91ff5b7381cc.jpeg

Celsius Network offers nice APY, but is APY on something useless really a gain? EOS, Kyber and DASH where hype at one point so maybe will have a comeback, while the Zcash stash is constantly growing from the PipeFlare and GlobalHive fountains. What about OMG and 0x... is anyone using them?e636a6d6a5493c893c2d1b8be0ad4a8fc5b3dd115dd1888435f864d70969fca4.jpeg

After this never-ending nightmare I wonder if the small apartment will be bought with shitcoins or the fortune teller vision was blurred and in fact she seen me living in a cardboard box, still holding a huge bag of altcoins?


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