Personalized Crypto Content from your Favorite Creators - Clipto is live!

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 14 Mar 2022

Clipto is live! Personalized videos from your favorite crypto stars! 

Clipto is a better version of Cameo. Crypto savvy people, yield farmers and degens can request personalized content, pay in crypto and receive the clip as an NFT. Absolutely anyone can order a Clipto and anyone can become a Clipto creator.


Have you ever drink VIMTO? It has a weird taste and some odd flavors. This is because it was first manufactured as a health tonic, not as a carbonated drink. With Clipto everything is clear from the beginning ... personalized content for all crypto flavors!


Clipto is the place where anyone can order a clip based on his ideas and what he wants. Much better then Ditto, who can shape-shift only in whatever he wants.


Clipto creates a link between influencers, celebrities, creators and fans. You can now use "internet magical money" to buy personalized content. 


The user will always be satisfied, as the content from Clipto will always be attention grabbing, creating waves on social media!


Everything is transparent, no klepto involved! The payments can be made in any cryptocurrency accepted by the creator. 


Let's explore Clipto

Gabriel Haines is the protocol designer, and the idea of personalized videos came after he tried to register with Cameo. The Clipto idea is better as the client can pay with crypto and will receive his clip as an NFT... because blockchain is forever!


The "Explore" tab will list the Clipto community, and the CRE8Rs avatar, username, Twitter handle and starting fee will be showed in an easy to use dashboard.


Clicking on the avatar will open the "Book Now" page, where the potential client can give instructions  regarding the video they want. The creator will start working on the clip once the script is accepted and the payment is completed.


If you want to get involved the first step is to join the Clipto Discord and be one step ahead of the majority. Join the community, be social, share your ideas and get to work. Anything that you want to see happen, can happen if there is enough energy behind it. Looking forward to seeing you!



Clipto Discord

Clipto Twitter

Gabriel Haines

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