One Year of CakeDeFi - Where are the haters now?

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 13 Feb 2022

One year ago I joined CakeDeFi after reading recommended by Felix article. I remember that many haters were going mental about the 6 months locking period for the sign-up reward and branding the project as a scam. I know for certain that some of them joined months later when they seen the project is cream-of-the-crop!


It was advertised as the most transparent way to put your crypto to work and as a platform that empowers crypto-holders to get control of their finances by generating residual income. Celebrating my 1st year with CakeDeFi and I can vouch for that statement. Spend 3 minutes of your life watching this video and you will understand the greatness of Cake DeFi.

I was aware of the 180 days lock on the bonus when I joined CakeDeFi and I was totally fine with having 24.4 $DFI frozen for 6 months. The best part of the locking period ... my assets earned interest.  The DFI price per unit was already surging, from $0.50 to $1 in only few days. It grew to $1.34 one day after I joined and the value kept growing since then.


Holding was never an issue, and as the 6 month lock finished ... I re-staked all the $DFI for more rewards. Six more months gone and now most of the rewards are out of the freezer and staked in an easy to withdraw pool.


What happened in one year? DeFiChain (DFI) value was close to $0.50 before I joined. The growth started and never stopped, reaching the ATH at 5.61 USD. The sign-up bonus went from $30 worth of DFI to $87 in one year, a triple boost for the initial reward. 

People joined the platform through my referral link and my $DFI bag got bigger. The Cake DeFi Olympic Bake-Off took place during the Olympic Games, boosting the sign-up reward to $50 worth of DFI tokens. The Olympic Bake-Off promotional campaign celebrated the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and the CakeDeFi bakers. Investing in CakeDeFi never been so rewarding... as one-time bonuses in $DFI can be won on top of the enhanced rewards. I had 4 qualifying referrals during the campaign, earning 4 x $25 referral bonus and 4 x $25 enhanced bonus for the Olympic Bake-Off plus $50 Bronze medal reward.


When I joined, my plan was to leave the bonus bloom for 180 days and then swap the $DFI to cash out the profit. Well ... meanwhile I decided to stay! CakeDeFi has become a reliable source of passive income, with transparent reward system. Do you know any other DeFi project paying interest twice a day?


CakeDeFi is auto-compounding the $DPI reward resulting a better reward day by day! In one year I managed to add 82 referrals and 36 of them were eligible for the bonus. Where are the haters now?


The app got some updates and upgrades in the last months, and the new dashboard shows the total reward obtained from staking, lending and freezer in one simple graph. CakeDeFi is so cool that the earnings of the referrals will also bring a small gain to the referee, as the mentor will be rewarded for showing the apprentice how to gain residual income.

The monthly rewards are stacking up nicely, mostly from staking $DPI, and compounding for bigger rewards in the future. The total earnings generated in January summed up 23.38 USD.


Residual Income:


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