October Residual Income Report - Publish0x is my financial advisor

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 2 Nov 2020

September was Harvest time! and my monthly residual income reached £400.90. This is again a new record and since March I managed to grow month by month and achieve a better result. Every month I start with a negative mindset, feeling that will be impossible to keep the income as high as the previous month and every single time I finish an fanfare! October had a spooky grand total of £656.03 = $844 residual income.50d3fd03153513faa0da251e38dc3cf60453afe9d3ad97e34f31649fb4567b88.jpeg

1. Publish0x: £342 ($100 + 2.5 farm FARM Tokens + 350 Idena and other tips)

Publish is synonymous with Pole Position! $100 from content creation ($70 from articles and $30 for my 3rd place in the DEXToken writing competition with DEXToken, DEXG and The Gauntlet of Infinity). To the above will be added $10 worth of Ethereum from OKEX Publish0x giveaway and $35 worth of IDENA after winning the 1st place at the Idena writing competition with Hey Idena! I am a real boy! cb59f7199bb328a647f8203b117417ab7af6c435f064f93a9550e279417e0958.jpeg

Harvest Finance Creativity Contest - Round 2 winners were announced and I got rewarded 2.5 FARM for my memes, articles and my work with promoting the competition. All this went straight into the Farm Pool for great APY. Along with the Harvest.Finance, I was introduced to two other great projects SnowSwap and GYSR, where my Publish0x articles where appreciated and I received Discord tips (sometimes I find it hard to keep up with technology). Got $20 worth of ETH from GYSR cause their token is not live yet, $10 worth of FARM and $27 worth of SNOW. All the Publish0x related activity generated $442.c6763ac8c853f6a250011a25bdb6744b4605632619f4fba54a4d0b856c2251a3.jpeg

2. Coinbase: £97.55

Coinbase Earn and the referral system did an amazing job this month. I've got 3 new referrals which rewarded $30 Bitcoin, $20 Stellar Lumens, $40 Compound ($30 from referrals and $10 from Earn), $30 from EOS Earn referrals and $6 Algorand from the newest added crypto on Coinbase Earn, summing up $126. 

Coinbase Earn - Up to $59 Compound (COMP)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $52 worth of Orchid (OXT)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $50 worth of EOS


3. Football Index: £46.95 (£15.90 dividends +£31.05 shares)

I started playing Football Index and since than I was paid £116.39 in dividends. This month share was £15.90 plus some profit after selling Son Heung-Min (£1.60) and Robert Lewandowski (£29.45)cfda72a4d920086609aa434913a2630c89c4b5eb0c02c4cd0d0d1c71328fc900.jpeg

4. Harvest Finance's FARM Pool: £39.77

Staked the 5.5 Farm I've got from the Creativity Contest into the Auto-Compounding FARM Pool. In a month my stash got bigger by 0.509 ($51.40)0e5e0787231f1f5fe2c9900971611f7798c8129536e2baada9edf48d4507d7b3.png

5. Binance : £26.16

Got $1 worth of Terra (Luna) from CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn campaign, $0.88 interest from Flexible Savings and $0.40 from the Swipe (SXP) Airdrop. The best part was the Launchpool, where I farmed 0.097 Wing ($0.87), 7 Bella Protocol ($5.6), 7.51 Venus ($22.05), 6.72 Flamingo ($1.21) and 61 ALPHA ($1.80) summing up $33.81. I am currently All-In with all Binance Coin and Binance USD into the CertiK farming pools

6. Faucet Reward: £23.87

The ZEC magical fountains and Get.ZEN Tier 4 reward system is generating more and more. Got 0.19 ZEN ($1.09) and 0.22 ZEC ($12.71) from the fountains. Litecoin and Bitcoin rolls from Free-Litecoin and Freebitco.in added extra $9.60 (0.00029 BTC and 0.107 Lite). 6c001dccf26666e3aff44bcda9588e2aae84cce6e5bf4302a47e08ad80105074.jpeg

The Coin Pot gang performed well, even without the loyalty bonus which I lost again, adding $5.01 to the faucet total.398e68a0d5edc1786803aa6ed65275d3efa05565f3fd5d3c8d95526eded24462.pngThe Crypto Faucet is slowly dying as everything else, except Verge is not working. I managed to claim and withdraw 150 Verge ($0.62). On "FreeCryptos" I managed the withdraw 21 TRX ($0.56), 0.0103 DASH ($0.75) and 5.1 ADA ($0.51). Who's saying that faucets are a waste of time?

7. KDP/Amazon Books  £23.52

Book selling still brings residual income and  The Player! A roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, gambling addiction and sometimes funny stories was sold a lot in US. October income was £23.52 ($23.25 + £4.58).7dec96c19bbeef09f0ae417a9332d48de3b6d7438e019e419624eca4687f10dc.png

8. ReadCash £18.01

Tried ReadCash for a week in September and made $1.37 Bitcoin Cash (BCH). I decided to give it a full month extension and I am pleased with how it works. $21.82 BCH from writing content, and most of it is from the Random Reward Bot which I named "Rusty".458823e6e425a535780986f09f681b56eba2adee9747f88e5c942a88b166754e.jpeg

9. Celsius Network  £10.04

Again no bonus code this month, just some offers for loans. Total monthly interest: £10.04

10. Brave Browser : £9.01 (61.28 BAT) 

Getting paid to browse the internet! Love it! 25.5 BAT as reward from using Brave Browser and getting adds and 35.78 from Brave Creators.573e1ee106568a5acf3aa25d1fa4f493f1166b07753fa94c00cc6273cb9df7ed.jpeg

11. Lbry.tv: £8.81*

My third month on Lbry was a smooth ride, watching one video per day to get the daily reward and claimed my referral bonus.f9ac8b35ea4243017be1fa746bac90c4ef3843653fef37c3bf14f363000fcc29.jpeg

12. Stakecube £3.44

Stakecube is producing a good amount of crypto from the multitude of faucets, the automatic staking and interest on tokens. I currently having 4 shares of a Rapids Master-node and 3 shares of a Syscoin Master-nodes


13. Crypto Focused Staking £3.41

The Tezos reward on Coinbase was £0.47. I staked all my Matic (4817.56) and in October they generated 115.7 ($1.6)d249cecf11d065b9ea695ed23e7da86716008d94722bcd5d3137dc91cad51994.png

All my Tron (TRX) was staked on Sun.io and in October generated 0.189 SUN ($1.951). It is a bit silly that the pool is open for 14 days and than gets closed and another one is open. I prefer long term, perpetual, staking instead of this silly method with short term pools.e8915e47934e1c163033bf519ace9140b2f674935797cfc630040aca1c342532.png

Frosty's Pool on SnowSwap is the newest addition for focused crypto staking. The SNOW received from the team was staked on the 30th of November and in just 2 days made 0.169 SNOW ($0.25). Do you wanna build a snowman? I want to make a baby Olaf and hopefully Frosty will help. c256bf1b4d61abce35351d576d49b8d857fe634a5e2d35d1154198e3838efcd4.png

14. Atomic Wallet: £2.01

The Downfall of Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) is still trending, cause the referral system and the airdrop was not sorted. The October staking reward was 3.2 AWC ($2.41). I moved all my Zilliqa from Binance and staked on Atomic Wallet and I will see the results in December.

15. RateSetter : £2.00

RateSetter halved the interest due to the Covid-19 is still on. Once they will return to the normal rates, they will pay from 3% up to 6% of your investment, depending on the amount of time you want to lock your investment. Only $£2.00 interest in October

16. WiseAlpha : £0


Links and referrals

* currently testing ReadCash

September Income Report: It's Harvest time!

DEXToken, DEXG and The Gauntlet of Infinity

Hey Idena! I am a real boy!

Do you wanna build a snowman? Deposit $SNOW in Frosty's Pool!

Coinbase Earn - Up to $59 Compound (COMP)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $52 worth of Orchid (OXT)

Coinbase Earn - Up to $50 worth of EOS

Amazon author page: PV Mihalache

Quality Faucets: Stakecube (20 daily faucets)

Tier 4 referral system: Horizen (ZEN) & ZCash from PipeFlare GlobalHive



Free-Litecoin.com (LITECOIN)

Join Lbry.tv to earn watching videos & Publish0x to earn while you read

I use Brave and Presearch to earn BAT and PRE while surfing online?


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