NFT Breaking News #10 - Zombie Pickles and the #IndexOwl

NFT Breaking News #10 - Zombie Pickles and the #IndexOwl

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 15 Jun 2021

Maybe you seen it, maybe you took part or maybe you don't have a clue but on the 4th of June was my birthday! I had a huge Twitter and P0x party and I shared ... wait for it.... 350 NFTs. I must admit I had great fun but wasn't all about sharing ... I also received gifts! Received a lovely Darasaurus from Cartoon Family NFTs , "walk in the park" by Maiki, a cherry blossom Foxy from The Derpy Cats and many more!


Cartoon Family NFTs is currently working on a new project for their charaters, the project will include packs that reveal accessories that can be blended to create a new NFT. Keep an eye out on twitter for some promos dropping soon. She also has a new drop comming on Friday.


Twitter giveaways

Ney (@ManeyXD) won mint 30 of the #IndexOwl! The prize was sent to .xvue.wam last night! The #IndexOwl was created in honor of the amazing Index Coop community, in two variances, a standard NFT and a legendary edition. The standard NFT is on orange background, with a maximum supply of 99. The legendary #IndexOwl is on purple background and only 10 of them will ever be minted.   

Time for another #IndexOwl giveaway! Drop your .wam and tag a friend to enter the lucky draw for mint #29 standard Index Owl. Good luck!


The Magor 22:1 Giveaway was won by Giovanna  (@Crypto_Zenesi). Mint #39 Magor NFT by @ArtistByron and 5 WAX were sent to udyb4.wam last night! Do you know what's a "zickle"? You must find out... because the next airdrop will be zickles!    

Digging for NFTs and WAX on Magor 22:1

Magor 22:1 is the place where explorers can mine for Byron's zombies. Magor 22:1 is listening. Because same zombies have extra ears, they can hear the miners chatting. This is why the mining commission was reduced to 13% from 20%, and the drop rate was enhanced.  The random drops are for those brave enough to mine to the icy desert of Magor. Mining for zombies is rewarding and I keep digging more graves in my search for even more horrible creatures.  


Byron's zombieworlds on Magor is full of mystery and surprises. Things are getting better and better and the Pyro Pickles with locked WAX can now be unearthed by those mining on Magor 22:1! 

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 An army of zickles (zombie pickles) is currently being created! Zickles are scary and salty, and some of them can be blended for cooler zickles. The Zickles escaped from the Zombie Factory - Pickles gone sour will makes a Salty drop! As the zickle army is growing ... you have the chance to win a pack in this twitter giveaway 

Plenty of giveaways and freebies will be shared to the members of Byron's new telegram room! Get whitelisted for drops by joining Byron's Room


CoinSteps Giveaway - Chainlink the Accountant

Chainlink is most likely the leader of Oracles. What are Oracles? Oracles are third party data feeds from external systems that provide vital information into blockchains that smart contracts may need to execute under specific conditions.

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 For a chance to win the newest member of the Crypto Happy Family, go to Chainlink the Accountant article and drop your WAX address until the 20th of June. The max supply of this NFT is 430, and 50 NFTs are allocated for this giveaway! 


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Doctor Who Worlds Apart keeps adding new packs and new frames. After the "Time Lord President" , "Machines of War" and "The Lonely Assassins" a new pack was added. The "Cybernetics" pack is more expensive than the previous ones, costing $74.99 or 7499 pandaks, and each pack contains 10 cards including random selection of cards with Mondasian Cyberman, Cybermat and K9 frames.


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Endless Loots Combat Points leaderboard will be released this week. This update will enhance the adventures and events! For more details about combat points check the Endless Loot website.

Meanwhile the first armor has been dropped, an amazing collaboration with NyteWolf. The armor also gives Combat Points to the holders. I did try to get mint #22 but I clicked to fast and got 18 instead.


If you don't know much about Endless Loots than read more about this official collection of NFTs minted on the WAX blockchain that was created to fill the nostalgia of old school gamers on NFT Breaking News #5 - Endless Loot Quest for #P0xBros


🚨 Breaking News 🚨  Cryptoswatches newest collaboration is with Lowpoly Media, a 3D designer living in Austria that loves low poly designs and minimalism. Read more about the collaboration and have a look at the NFTs on the  Cryptoswatches website.

@lowpolymedia Collaboration - No. 000114

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 PuftCreative Sleepy Bubble drop is now live but that's not all as a new drop is planned on Wednesday the 16th of June. The collaboration with @floydsvarmints and the @theweewizards project drops this Wednesday under the name "Wee Brew"


🚨 Breaking News 🚨 The Derpy Cats has a new pack from the Fruit series

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 Are you a Senor Lupe fan? You should! Not many can brag about having 12,000 Twitter followers!  Teenage Mutant Ninja Lupe are now live on NeftyBlocks

🚨 Breaking News 🚨 I seen a great collaboration between Maiki and TokenGirls ! This means giveaway ... leave your .wam and tag a friend to be added into the lucky draw!


TokensGirls updated the fans and said that "as we promised, we are working on our universe and writing a story about one important character. We have also prepared some surprises for you."

Meanwhile Maiki keeps working on those Corona Cards Packs and they will be ready soon!


PVM NFT artist 🎨 

Wanna adopt a Devilish Cat and help me have wax to buy adult NFTs or Alpacas? Maybe have a look at the NFTs I am selling on discounted price and add some cool ones to your collection!


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