My Mycelic Morphoid makes me mad - Splinterlands Battle Challenge

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 16 Apr 2022

My Mycelic Morphoid makes me mad... is not just an aliteration. This odd looking creature was totally useless in this week's Splinterlands Battle Challenge!

Another week, another challenge... and another Chaos Legion monster. The Mycelic Morphoids are always shifting, they are constantly growing and developing. The weird monstruosity is part of Queen Mycelia's brood, and the Morphoids work to spread the growing blight on Praetoria. How does it work? They infected themselves with the poison and they take root near streams and rivers, contaminating it with the blight. In turn, the waters feed them, and a second Morphoid sprouts from the original. Together, the two travel as an amalgam of twisted roots and poisonous pointed vines. When the time comes, they will split and continue the process.


The Earth Splinter Common monster costs only one mana, cheap price for 2 health points, one melee attack and one speed. The Morphoid will gain Roots at level 3 and can end up with 3 health points, 3 speed and 2 damage at level 10.


I didn't used it until today, but I wanted to make it a day to remember. I bought a bag of cheap morphoids from the market and upgraded the card to level 4. Now this ugly creature has roots!


Earth v Earth - We are all dust in the wind! Strange battle, as the low mana cap and the 2 battlerules influenced heavily the selection. Only 17 mana to use, with "Odd Ones" and "Back to Basics" limited the choices.

Tactics and Line-Up:

Obsidian: +1 Spell Power to friendly monsters

Mycelic Morphoid - Tank (no Roots)

Centaruri Mage - Caster (no Return Fire)

Regal Peryton - Caster (no Flying)


The opponent went for Obsidian + Regal Peryton, the Hill Giant as a tank and the Goblin Chariot as ranged support. My Mycelic Morphoid and his Hill Giant were both down at start of round two, making the fight unpredictable.


It could have been a different outcome if the Goblins wouldn't miss a killing blow on my Peryton. Instead, the Centauri Mage was left in a 1v1 against a useless ranged unit. Quick battle and deserved win in only 5 rounds. See the full battle here!


The battle was turned boring due to battle rules, as none of my monsters could benefit from their ability. My team was affected more than my opponent, as all my monsters had top abilities. The Mycelar Morphoid can be an useful card, and the Roots damage can be little detail that may change the tides of the battle.


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