My Crypto Outlook 2022 - NFTs, GameFi and IndexCoop in my Crystal Globe

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Jan 2022

My Crypto Outlook 2022 - I seen NFTs, GameFi and Bitcoin in my Crystal Globe

I am a Clairvoyant, a mystic that can read crypto patterns in the runes, coffee mugs, scattered seeds and pizza slices. At the beginning of each year I use my Crystal Globe to see a glimpse of the future, the "new big things" that will make the FOMO flame burn brighter then the sun! We witnessed the raise of DeFi in 2020, the NFT hype in 2021, which makes GameFi the only way forward for 2022! 


Once upon a time it was a great surge followed by a big crush. It happened in the Cryptoverse at the end of 2017 and the start of 2018, and I was there to experience the pain. My portfolio value dropped by 87% and I suddenly found myself in an odd situation... to sell or HODL! Buying high and selling low is always an option but I decided to hold and become a dip veteran, the type of glorified hero that refused to sell the assets for peanuts and years later will still holds the bags. Some tokens will either reach ATH or will die in my wallet! 


What will trend in 2022? Surely the "Hey Crypto Bro's ... WE ARE HIRING" McDonalds career opportunity. The McDonalds jobs are often used in the Cryptoverse, as it's thin line between Diamond Hands and selling Happy Meals to spoiled brats like Elon.


The crypto crush of 2018 created strong man, and those strong man worked hard to create good times. We all enjoyed the DeFi summer, months of perpetual growth and as a result many embarked on the blockchain express. But not all parties are all fun and laughter, and the Red Wedding was inevitable!


But good times create week man, and we moved from solving Byzantine General's Problems and decentralized payment options to people apeing into coins with a dog! The amalgam of FOMO, hype, FUD and an oversaturation of memecoins led to today ... led to hard times! 


We are back to hard times, same as 2018, and new generations of strong men and women are entering the battleground. It's easy to predict that Ethereum and Bitcoin will fight for supremacy. Will have Bitcoin in a corner, and Ethereum in the other,  the "King of Crypto" fighting the chain of the future. The Peer2Peer coin will fight the blockchain that offers fast and cheap transaction, but wait .... Bitcoin is no P2P currency and gwei is as high as Boris Johnsons ego! Until this two will find their true identity ... back to your shifts crypto bros ... those burgers aren't going to cook themselves! 


The majority of coins and tokens I will talk about are available on Bityard, ready to be bought, sold or kept for better days. I seen it in the crystal globe...  Bitcoin will keep growing, Bitcoin Cash will become globally accepted, the Metaverse will create hipster-cyborgs, NFTs will run the world and projects like UMA and Index Coop will provide the financial tools of the future! 


I consider myself as one of the strong man, a seasoned crypto veteran that seen them all. Are you ready to read My Crypto Outlook 2022 and learn about fantastic creatures, scary folklore and cryptogods with human faces? LFG! LFG!  This year  WAGMI! 


Bitcoin under $40,000 looks like a bargain! Off course everyone will shill his bag but we are still at that stage when the whole ecosystem moves in synergy with Bitcoin. If $BTC will go up, the majority will follow ... if $BTC goes down, the majority will dip as well. 


But I ask again... is $BTC the Peer2Peer currency from Satoshi's vision? It may be the strongest, most traded and well known crypto but it went on a path that went too far from the whitepaper. Bitcoin Cash ($BCH) kept that vision alive and keeps providing cheap transactions. The road towards global adoption started years ago and the map of business that accepts $BCH is getting bigger each day. The launch of the SmartBCH side chain expanded the ecosystem and a plethora of NFT and DeFi projects are providing a cheaper alternative to Ethereum yield farming or staking.


Success Tokens, KPI Options, Range Tokens, Call/Put Options and the Optimistic Oracle are wonderful tools created by UMA to enables anyone to build decentralized financial products. Synthetic assets can be created to reward performance, participation or to diversify treasuries. The UMA token was one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in 2021, hoovering around $10 for long periods. The discounted value given by the market correction can be a good opportunity to add a blue-chip in the portfolio.


The launch of Across Protocol and the birth of the SuperUMAns DAO gave a huge boost to the $UMA token, up to $24 in November 2021. Across Protocol is the fastest, cheapest and most secure cross-chain bridge, allowing users to securely send assets from L2 to L1. UMA's community team that was responsible for integration forked into an independent DAO and will continue the excellent work they provided in 2021. Everything is moving in the right DAOrection!


I talked about blue-chip and the metaverse, and the big-brain team from Index Coop continuously creates the best indices from both worlds. Are you gonna make it in 2022? The Bankless DeFi Innovation Index (GMI) is one of the amazing creations designed to break the entry level in the cryptoverse, and includes 12 early stage DeFi projects with huge potential, that are not yet considered as a blue-chip project. The blue chip term is used to refer to financially stable companies with inherent profitability.


The $GMI composite index optimal weighting was achieved through a combination of square-root market cap, relative secondary market liquidity, and relative token dilution/emission scoring. Only 12 projects were chosen from the 367 DeFi project available on Coingecko, with Ribbon Finance, Alchemix, Tokemak, Convex Finance, Tribe, Olympus DAO, Dopex, DYDX, Abracadabra Money, Perpetual Protocol, Maple Finance and Reflexer making the cut.


The Metaverse Index ($MVI) is the name given to the Index Coop product that focused on capturing the entertainment, sports and businesses related to virtual environments. The underlying tokens in $MVI are Audius, Axie Infinity, Decentral Games, Decentraland, Enjin, Illuvium, Yield Guild Games, NFTX, Rarible, Ethernity Chain, REVV, Sandbox, Terra VirtuaKolect, WAXE and Whale. 


Play2Earn and GameFi are the future and the recent boom is not surprising. My first Play2Earn experience was Alien Worlds, a futuristic game powered by Trilium ($TLM). It was all about mining before the Binance Planet was added to the game, and since then the player can lock their Trilium and send spacecrafts to solve various tasks. The Trillium reward and NFT rarity depends on the locked period and mission complexity. Earning $7.7 just for sending my spacecraft away for two weeks sounds like a good reward, specially when was obtained with only few clicks and a login to Metamas.


Splinterlands card game is by far one of the most entertaining games I played, without adding the Play2Earn aspects. The players will play 1v1 duels and the deck with the best battle dynamic will generally win the battle. I spent $10 to buy the summoner's book and the investment went 100x as the current value of my cards is $655, and received over $400 worth of $SPS airdropped into my wallet. 


Axie Infinity was added later in my list of Play2Earn list, and is not as attractive as it was due to the decline of $SLP token and the reward halving. I spent 10 minutes a day to earn the 50 $SLP in Adventure mode and I claim it all some weeks ago. I swapped it all for AXS, which was staked at 100% APY on Ronin. If I ever want to sell the AXS, I can easily to it on Bityard


Pegaxy is the new trend, with the game expanding like wild fire. Twelve futuristic Pegasus horses will race against each other to win rewards, on various weather condition. The top 3 pega will share the 175 $VIS prizepool while the rest will gain nothing. The two tokens, Pegaxy Stone ($PGX) and Vigour ($VIS) kept growing even in bear market and I wonder if I discovered the Play2Earn game of 2022?


Infinity Skies is the newest NFT project that caught my attention, a sandbox Play2Earn game where the adventurers will be able to build, trade, adventure and socialize. Every adventurer can build beautiful castles in the sky, using the "island" as a place of endless possibilities. The $ISKY token will power the game, and is currently listed on QuickSwao and


Bityard - Innovating the Cryptoverse since 2019

Bityard was founded in 2019, with one target ... to provide a whole new experience for crypto trading. The Singapore-based margin trading platform is focusing on cryptocurrency contracts with leverage. However, the spot market has hundreds of trading pairs, and the trading engine is one of the fastest in the world, matching 1 million transactions per second. 


I came across Bityard in December 2020, when the #TradeWithBityard writing competition was announced. I made an account and started to explore the platform. I wrote an objective review and my article won the 1st place and $100 worth of Ethereum. Two years later and the prize is now valued at 375 USD. Read Trading Platforms Street Fighter: Bityard is beating the competition


Bityard is fully regulated and compliant with international laws, with licenses from four different countries: The USA, Australia, Singapore, and Estonia. Having the Singapore’s ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority), The American Money Services Businesses (MSBs), Estonia’s MTR (Register of Economic Activity) for the European Union, and the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). Bityard is the yard for bit assets, as it offers a complete set of trading tools, including derivative and futures trading.


The financial system keeps evolving at high speed, while the Cryptoverse is expanding faster beyond imagination. Bityard keeps up, innovating the platform at the same speed. New features and trading pairs are constantly added, and the the rebranding made the layout more user-friendly. The refresh introduced a new logo, a new color pallet and a fresh slogan. 


The new corporate visual identity and the new "Grow your future in the yard" catch-phrase highlights the beginner-friendly backyard for crypto investors. The support for new investors is given by the Copy-Trading tool, where rookies can copy the trades of experienced traders. I tried the Bityard Copy-Trading tool and the 20 USDT I committed for trading tripled the value, adding $44.34 in my wallet.  


Bityard's partnerships with BANXA, Ramp, Transak Xanpool provides a larger range of fiat deposits.  The FiatRecharge is the tool that helps the users to buy crypto at the best rates. Banxa seems the easiest options, accepting both Visa and Mastercard. 


The Giving Block: Crypto + Charity = Love

Bityard charity involvement is admirable and aim to create a legacy of humanitarian involvement. BitYard will donate 50,000 SHIB through The Giving Block for each article summited for the MyCryptoOutlook writing competition that will use the TheGivingBlock tag.  

The Giving Block was founded in 2018, implementing new fundraising methods emerging from the cryptocurrency landscape. Back then, only few organizations were actually equipped to accept those donations. Things changed a lot in the last 4 years and now we can make donations with almost any type of crypto. 


The Giving Block feels like a faithful friend to me, as I participated in events that leaded to crypto donations through the platform. The Q3 charity chain event organized by the SuperUMAns raised 150 $UMA, nearly $1500 at the time, for No Kids Hungry! 


No Kids Hungry received the Q4 charity chain donations, and this time the result was more impressive. A high number of uDAO, uTVL, uINT and 134 UMA were donated by the SuperUMAns, summing up a donation of nearly 2800 USD.



In December 2021 I was invited to participate in a ground-breaking charity movement, with Harvest Finance, Babylon Finance, Bancor, UMA and the SuperUMAns joining forces to provide decent living condition for underprivilege children. The unified action of all the above communities raised $34,000 for NoKidsHungry!  


Club1BCH charity event involved both Bityard and The Giving Block, with Save the Children as the final destination for every penny donated between 13th and 31st of January. Save the Children was the choice of charity, as the new generation must grow in a world that will integrate blockchain solutions not in a society hit by poverty. I know that this will not change the way the world works but it will change the world for some... and that's all that matters.


The ambitious but yet achievable target was set at 5 Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), and everything above that will considered an extra achievement. The target was achieved and surpassed on the 26th of January, and hopefully the remaining days will bring more contributions. The multi-sig wallet holds 6.082 $BCH, and 0.05 $ETH was also donated, adding to 2000 USD.


Don't limit yourself with contributing 50,000 SHIB to charity, and check the newest Bityard event! It started on the 26th of January, and will last for a month, aiming for a total target of 100,000,000 SHIB. Each follower, every like and re-tweet given to the event will add 100 SHIB in the pot, growing the value of the donation for every interaction.

It is fair to say that The Giving Block is love  💜 Crypto + Charity = Love 💜 


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