Mischievous Monday, the mundane market and Mythology

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 24 Aug 2020

Mischievous Monday

I noticed that good posts are getting more dislikes, negative comments, just to see similar posts out over the next days. Not sure how people think that disliking other posts can help your post to trend. From my experience only quality content and good research can help posts to trend and to become viral. Writing on Publish0x is and should be treated as a hobby and not as a full time job, as no one must expect to generate enough income to pay the bills. I am happy that I've made a bunch of friends, and I can honestly say that every day I am looking forward to read their creations. bb55ddf4ed0ce3af6c7b9cc6226d8fdb9d949d40d3947fd7a55e5cfb9752c7d8.jpeg

My post about the downfall of Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) kept me entertained over the weekend. From a post which I wrote to express my opinions, this turned out to be a hot topic, with many getting involved in the debate. This post over-achieved and made by far more views and tips than well researched posts and coin analysis I've written in the past. The flow of comments was so high that I struggled to find time to answer all. By Sunday the post was already my best product by generated income and views. The post died on Monday morning, as quick as it went viral but the $4.49 tip generated earnings are my new personal best.40ca447fbb3eeaa9455ca9b02e42d726478591fea8e7f312c47fac5750e99da8.png

Mundane Market

Good morning beautiful people, it's time to talk again about magic internet money, King Bitcoin 👑 and the block-chain 3.0 hype. If you don't know yet, we now life into the age of block-chain 3.0, the age of consensus, problem solving and development towards interoperability into the economy.The rise of Bitcoin and the creation of the digital currency represents the block-chain 1.0 period and the creation of smart contracts marks block-chain 2.0.b0fca53810ce01e7a16d37b89f7475f5d16814c7e8b52508fe0bf9de8d4cda3e.jpeg

The Crypto Market acted like an mischievous spoiled brat last week, and Monday is making no difference. Bitcoin was fighting to stay above $11k and most of my assets are down by 20%-30%, than the market went up and BTC touched $12k with the fingertips, just to go down again. In the morning hours of Monday, everything was cool, so the market went up by small percentages. The high of the market was the moment when a whale who bought nearly 9000 BTC in 2018, sold part of his investment at $12k per unit, probably making good profit.

My friend Thomas Wolf was saying that the price of shitcoins grows as a result of FOMO, pumps and hype buying, and I feel that I joined the club by investing in Serum (SRM). No research was done, no analysis, I just seen the name in few discussions and I didn't want to miss the train for another DeFi wonder. I bought 30 SRM at $1.30 and watched the price going up to $2.15 in the next days, to watch it drop lower than the price I paid. Monday morning it had a 13% rise but with DeFi you never know when the bubble will burst.


I am still in profit but considering the mundane aspect of the market, I don't know if to abandon hope and sell for few extra bucks or keep it in there as the project looks half-decent and DeFi is still trending. Hopefully I will not have to add Serum to my 2022 S*itcoin Bonanza post!

Defi projects are still one of the hot topics in the crypto market. ChainLink maintained the 1st place in the top DeFi by market capitalization, followed by Aave and Synthetix. Watching the top 15 on CoinGecko, I realized that I currently hold 7 of them, Chainlink, Aava, Syntethix, 0x, Dai, Kyber and Loopring. I seen that Ampleforth (AMPL) is considered to be the next DeFi unicorn by some Bitcoin analyst but for me this “adaptive base-money" makes no sense as the number of AMPL in circulation adjusts based on demand and your $50 of AMPL can be 900 units one day and 25 units the next day, as the value remains the same. So how you make profit?c77dafa04999e80f3186f3d2e2390302431654f581b46c7d25dd5236c51ff84f.png

Mythology? WTF? Why Mythology? 

If you remember wonderful Wednesday, winning writing competition, the world wide web and some winks, the mythology has the same purpose as the winks, purely for the alliteration effect. However as the topic was mischief, jokes and mockery, it was interesting and fun to explore how this was treated in pre-Bitcoin ancient times. Momus was the God of Satire and the personification of mockery in Greek mythology. Another one related with mischievous behavior is Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, often affiliated with sex. Dionysus, the god of the grape-harvest, wine-making and wine, is kinda my favourite, being associated with music, ecstatic dance, parties and alcohol.  

As most of us seen the Avengers Saga, the one and only Loki couldn't be left out of the list. He is a trickster, the god of jokes and mischief, and the one responsible for crypto-scams and tokens such as YAM or PASTA. I am 99.99% sure that he is the guy answering back at Atomic Wallet customer support, as the answers are always rude.59b6b4afa624f6c7b7ad53672733b4c47e23a3c3b825482b2eed0fb0c0d5dc78.jpeg


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