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By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 4 Sep 2021

Kucoin is the family member that you see for Easter and Christmas. I don't use it as often as Binance, I don't check it as often as Celsius but I have some assets in there! 


In one of those days when I opened the Kucoin Wallet, I seen the Polychain Monster campaign. The thing that made me take part was "Participants will share the 5000 PMON prize pool!" I send the AMPL from Publish0x in there so I had liquidity to spend on PMON. The event celebrated the listing of Polychain Monsters ($PMON) on the platform and the top 30 traders shared 4000 PMON between them. The remaining 1000 was shared by the other participants.


I knew will be hard to be in the top 30 so I focused to complete the criteria for a share of 1000 PMON, which was a trading volume of 10 or more PMON and adding $PMON as favorite. Added the token in my list and went to buy some $PMON for a share of the bounty! 


After swapping AMPL for USDT I bought 15 PMON tokens at $7.8092 each. Kucoin PMON campaign initial investment set at $117.14 with hopes for a nice share of PMON. 


Was it a good investment? The $PMON value started to grow slowly, and kept a positive trend. The May's high was at $17, still miles away from the $62 ATH reached in April. Will PMON become successful like Axie Infinity? I decided to wait for the prize to be credited and then decide if I will hold or sell.


The campaign ended and my share was distributed. I received 0.55 PMON, which at the time was a fraction over 5 USD. A small gain with no effort and some tokens in the portfolio. The market recovered and I decided to give Poly Monsters a chance!

I don't know how the game is played, or what to do with the tokens so I limited myself at checking the value now and then. At the moment the value doubled and the 15.55 PMON are valued at 238.01 USD. I will hold them until they will reach $20 per token and then I will cash out and look for another Kucoin gem! Maybe I will buy $DPI or maybe even $MVP!


Are you collecting KuCoin Candies? I find them totally useless as the rewards are not bringing any benefit! I will stack them until the day they will add some Kucoin Merchandise.


Residual Income:

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